chapter 8

"that was faye," said dallas as he hung up his cell phone. "the girls want us over at their apartment for dinner."

"what for? don't they have plans with the other guys?" said dc bitterly as he rolled his eyes. "i'm surprised they even remember who we are after they ditched us last night."

"that's why they invited us over. they want to explain what happened and make up for ditching us with dinner," sighed dallas as he got his jacket out of the closet.

"come on dc, the least we could do is give them a chance to explain," said sammy as he put on a sweatshirt. "besides, the girls are making us dinner...LOL, they must really be sorry."

"fine," dc grumbled as he got up. the guys headed out of their townhouse, got into sammy's red pathfinder and they drove out to the girls' apartment in venice. when they rang the doorbell, jamie opened it and let them in.

"hey you guys! glad you could make it," said jamie as she led them into the kitchen. dc tried to answer jamie back, but he didn't have the courage to talk to her. when they got to the kitchen, faye and joann were setting the table, and chan was making a pitcher of lemonade. they said hi to the guys as they walked in.

"hey guys! we're really sorry about last night," said faye as she walked over to give the guys hugs. "we hope you forgive us."

"yeah, we really feel bad about that," added chan. "we didn't mean to, and we hope you accept our apologies ~ which happens to be done." chan rushed over to the oven and opened the door. she took out the lasagna that had been baking. she brought it over to the table and everyone took a seat and started eating.

"so what did you guys end up doing last night?" asked dallas. "we thought we were gonna meet up with you after the concert and have dinner."

the girls looked at each other. there was a few moments of awkward silence and chan finally spoke up. " see, the guys asked us to hang out at their hotel, and we were gonna call you and let you know so you could join us..." chan looked at the others for help.

"yeah, we were gonna call, but things got kinda crazy," added joann.

"so you basically forgot, right?" asked sammy in a serious tone. all the girls could do was nod their heads.

the guys just looked at each other. no one said anything for awhile. when they had finished dinner, there was still an awkward silence.

faye sighed as she looked at the guys who had been sitting on one side of the table. "okay, what's the deal? are you mad cause we didn't call last night, or are you mad about something else too?"

the guys just looked at each other, and dallas rolled his eyes at the other two. dc shook his head and looked at the girls.

"what was that for, dallas?" asked chan, kind of annoyed. she had seen dallas roll his eyes at sammy and dc. "is there something you wanna say?"

"fine. it's just that ever since you met those other guys, you've been acting weird," he grumbled.

"we've been acting weird!? you guys are the one acting all moody. all we did was forget to call you last night," said jamie as she got up from the table. she went over to the fridge and got out the ice cream.

"you didn't just forget last night," said sammy. "you guys also forgot about meeting us for lunch, and you guys totally ignored us the whole time we saw you."

faye got up and got some bowls and spoons. "yeah, you're right, and we're sorry. but that was just because of the circumstances. i mean, we had just met the backstreet boys, you guys. of course we got a little excited."

"yeah, whatever," grumbled dallas as he started eating his ice cream.

"dallas, we already said sorry. what else do you want us to do?" sighed chan.

"let's just forget the whole incident, okay? i don't want to talk about this anymore," said dc.

"fine," said the others. they sat around eating their ice cream in awkward silence again.

after awhile, sammy sighed and tried to break the tension. "so what time do you want to meet up before the party friday night?" he asked the girls.

"what party?" asked jamie, looking slightly confused.

"the party our label is having for us before we start touring in europe," answered dc. he looked at the guys and shook his head. "you girls forgot, huh?"

faye groaned and looked at chan, jamie and joann. "the palace," she mouthed to them.

"yeah, we did," said joann slowly. "um...we kinda made plans for friday night, but we could cancel..."

"what were you going to do?" said dc, getting a little angry. the girls looked at him, puzzled by his behavior.

"well, um...kevin, nick, aj and brian had invited us to dinner and to the palace, but we could cancel to go to your party," said chan as she avoided looking at the guys. dc was about to say something, but the phone rang. jamie got up and answered it.


"hey babe, it's aj!"

"oh! hey, aj! um, now isn't a good time for me to talk. we have the guys over for dinner."

the guys looked over at jamie when they heard aj's name. dc scowled at the other guys and dallas made a face. sammy just shook his head at the other two. faye noticed their behavior and looked angrily at chan and joann who also noticed their behavior.

"okay, babe. just wanted to know if we're still on for friday," aj asked jamie.

"um, there might be a change of plans...something came up, but we'll let you know if we can make it. but, um, we might have to cancel." she answered.

"don't do us any favors," dc said, loud enough for aj to hear on the other end of the phone.

"hey, it's cool. just call me back and let me know," answered aj, sounding a little puzzled.

"okay, bye aj." said jamie.

"bye." jamie hung up the phone and turned to dc. "what the hell is your problem!" she asked him angrily.

"nothing," dc grumbled, looking into his bowl.

"do you guys have a problem with us being friends with kevin, brian, nick and aj?" asked faye as she looked directly at sammy.

sammy shrugged at her. "why should we?" he answered.

"you tell us," said chan angrily.

"you know what? forget about it. let's go you guys," said dallas angrily as he got up from the table. "if you guys want to come to the party, fine, that's cool. if you want to go hang out with your new boyfriends, whatever." sammy and dc followed him out of the kitchen and a few moments later they heard the front door open and slam shut.

"oh my gosh...what just happened here?" jamie asked puzzled.

"what is wrong with them? why are they acting so jealous all of a sudden?" faye asked the others angrily.

"i know! i don't get it either. why do they hate the guys so much?" said chan.

joann sighed and started shaking her head. "what is it joann?" faye asked puzzled when she noticed joann.

"grab some more ice cream, maybe some cookies, and let's go to the living room. i have too much to tell you guys. dang, this is going to be a long night..." she answered as she picked up her bowl of ice cream and headed to the living room. puzzled, the girls just looked at each other, shrugged their shoulders, and followed joann to the living room with the food.

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