chapter 7

"nick, man, you got to pick up the dirty undies before the girls get here," aj said in a motherly way, trying hard not to laugh.

"shut up aj," mumbled nick, giving aj a dirty look as he picked up his dirty laundry that was scattered on his side of the hotel room.

"the girls are gonna be here any minute, nick," laughed brian as he tidied up his side. "we at least have to make the place clean."

"yeah, yeah, yeah," said nick as he stuffed the clothes into his closet. "okay, i'm done," he said hurriedly as he headed to the living room to see what movie kevin had picked out.

"what time did D say he'd be back from his friend's?" brian asked aj, who was primping in the mirror.

"around 1a.m., i think," aj replied as he messed with his hair. there was a knock at the door and aj ran out of the room just as kevin was answering the door. the girls were standing outside, holding grocery bags when kevin let them in.

"what are in the bags?" he asked as he helped faye with her bag.

"ooohhhh! whipped cream!" aj said raising his eyebrows wickedly as he peeked into jamie's bag.

"aj, stop being a perv," nick said smacking him in the back of the head. he helped jamie and joann with their bags while aj took chan's, and they set the bags on the table in the living room. "what did you guys bring anyways?"

"well, we knew you guys could have gotten room service, but we wanted to make you dinner. but i guess it's actually 'bring you dinner' since we didn't make any of this stuff." faye said laughing.

"a friend of ours owns an italian restaurant and we passed by it on our way here. he made us some food to bring over, and he gave us a lot so i hope you're hungry," added chan as she started taking out food from one of the bags.

"we also got dessert," said jamie as she took out containers of ice cream, ice cream toppings, and bags of cookies, and strawberries from another bag.

joann started handing out plates, spoons and forks to the others and they all helped themselves to caesar salad, lasagna, cheese pizza, macaroni and cheese, antipasto and garlic bread.

"whew! nobody kiss aj tonight," laughed joann as aj grabbed a bunch of garlic bread.

"darn!" exclaimed brian as he put his head on aj's shoulder and batted his eyelashes up at aj. "i can't give you a good night kiss tonight."

the other's laughed as aj shook brian off of him, and he put his arm around jamie. "that's okay," he replied smirking. "jamie doesn't mind stinky kisses, right?" jamie blushed as everyone laughed at her and aj.

"leave the poor girl alone," laughed chan as everyone found a seat around the living room and started eating.

"what movie are we gonna watch, kev?" asked nick as he plopped himself next to chan on the loveseat. (LOL)

"the only good movie on tel-li-vi-sion (LMAO the way he said it at the germany concert) is 'i still know what you did last summer...'" kevin answered as he sat down on the floor in front of the couch next to faye.

"awww, a scary movie?" whined faye. "i hate scary movies."

"it's not that scary," laughed brian as he dove into his macaroni and cheese. "besides, we won't even turn the lights off, just for you faye," and he smiled wickedly at her with a mouthful of macaroni and cheese.

"yeah, you're just saying that so you'll be able to see your food," mumbled faye. the others laughed and they all started to watch the movie while they ate.

after about an hour into the movie, they were done eating dinner and they were now eating the ice cream sundaes the girls had made for them. chan and nick were too busy feeding each other and weren't paying attention to the movie. brian and aj were fighting over who got the last of the sprinkles for their ice cream, while joann and jamie watched and laughed at their childishness. faye was sitting on the couch next to kevin, paying more attention to her ice cream than the movie. kevin looked over at her and smiled wickedly. he motioned over at aj to turn off the lights.

"oh my gosh!" gasped faye as the lights went out. "what happened?!" everyone started snickering. "okay you guys, it's not funny! i'm seriously WIGGED right now!"

"oooooohhhhhhh," moaned aj from behind the couch.

"AJ! i'm gonna have to kick your ass when i can find you!" screamed faye as she buried her head in one of the pillows. faye could hear chan, jamie and faye giggling over by the other couch. "chan, jamie, joann! you guys are so mean! you're supposed to be on my side!"

the girls just giggled even harder. "ooooooooohhhhhhhh faaaaaaaaye! we're gonna get you!" moaned the guys as they started to creep closer to her. faye let out a scream as the guys attacked her and started tickling her.

"i swear ::gasp:: you guys are ::gasp:: gonna get it ::laugh:: oh man!"

faye was laughing so hard, screaming, kicking and punching at the guys as they continued to tickle her. the girls finally took pity on her and they managed to divert the guys by attacking them. chan had jumped on aj's back and was now tickling him. jamie grabbed kevin by the arms and was pulling him away from faye so she could get away. joann had nick in a headlock and was messing up his precious hair while faye dove at brian's feet, knocking him down. the girls started tickling the them until they finally got the guys to give up. they all sat around the room catching their breath, laughing at what just happened.

"oh man, my side hurts," moaned nick as he tried to stifle a laugh. brian whacked him in the face with a pillow.

"dude, it's cause of all the stuff you ate today," he laughed. "you're gonna be so messed up tomorrow at rehearsal. fatima is gonna totally chew you out!"

"ooohhh," moaned nick as he buried his head into the pile of pillows on the floor.

"aw, poor nicky," laughed chan as she patted his back.

"what are you girls doing tomorrow?" asked kevin as he and faye started to clean up the mess from dinner.

"i thought you guys had rehearsal tomorrow?" asked jamie as she and joann got up and started straightening up the living room.

"that's just in the morning," replied nick as he and brian got off the floor and plopped onto the couch that jamie and joann had just fixed. the two girls gave them a dirty look. the boys just smiled sweetly at them.

"me and faye have work this week," said chan as she flipped through the channels on the tv.

"yeah, and me and jamie have work this week too," added joann.

"well, what about friday night?" asked aj as he jumped up and down, and started to get excited. "we'll be done with rehearsals and those interviews by friday. why don't we go to the palace friday night?"

the girls all looked at each other and held a silent conference and they all nodded in agreement. "sure, friday night at the palace sounds cool." answered chan.

they decided to meet up at the hotel again at 9 to have a late dinner, and then they would head to the palace at 11 for some clubbing.

when all of the decisions had been made, faye got up and went over to one of the grocery bags and took out a tape. "alright you guys, since you made me suffer through that stupid movie and all of your teasing, I'M gonna make you watch MY movie now," she said with a smirk. she popped the tape into the vcr, and "everafter" started to play.

"aw, yuck," said aj as he stuck out his tongue.

"ssshhh, shut up aj!" said jamie as she plopped onto the couch next to him. she propped her legs over his so he couldn't get up and avoid the movie. joann and brain took a seat in front of them on the floor. chan and nick were on the loveseat again, nick with his arm around chan. faye and kevin were on the other couch, kevin with his feet up on the coffee table and faye laying down with her head in his lap.

when the movie finished, the door to the hotel room opened and howie stepped in. a smile spread across his face when he saw the guys with the girls. "hey D! what's up? have fun today?" asked aj as he waved to howie from the couch.

"apparently not as much fun as you guys," laughed howie as he walked into the living room to meet the girls.

"girls, this is obviously howie. howie, this is faye, chan, jamie, and joann." said brian as he pointed to each girl. "we met them at disneyland today."

"yeah, it's a long story," laughed joann. "oh! by the way howie! we got something for you!" she jumped up and ran to get the bag. when she got it, she handed it to howie and he opened the bag.

"thanks girls," howie laughed as he put on the chip n dale hat. "that was really nice of you!" he said as he gave them one of his cheesy grins.

"no problem," answered faye as she stood up. "well, i think it's time for us to go now. we have class and work tomorrow." the girls started gathering up their stuff and the guys walked them to the door.

"bye howie! it was nice meeting you!" said jamie as she gave him a hug. the other girls also hugged and said bye to howie.

"alright, we'll see you girls on friday," said kevin. everyone said bye and gave each other hugs and the girls finally left.

"who'd have thought we'd be hanging out with the backstreet boys tonight!" exclaimed jamie as they were going down in the elevator.

"and we met them at disneyland for a youngstown concert, of all places!" chan replied laughing.

"OMG! you guys! youngstown! we forgot to tell sammy, dc and dallas where we were going afterwards!" gasped faye when she remembered that they were supposed to call them.

the girls just groaned and shook their heads as they imagined what the guys' reactions would be when they tell them where they had been the whole night.

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