chapter 6

"omg you two!" exclaimed faye. "what'd you do? buy out the whole store?"

nick and chan were just coming back from the candy store and they were each carrying a huge bag of candy. the group had been all over the park going on rides and now they were resting on benches by the stage where youngstown's performance was going to be in awhile.

"practically," laughed chan. she and nick opened up their bags and the others peeked in. "we kinda got carried away."

"we couldn't decide what to get, so we got a bunch of everything," nick added laughing as he pulled out a butterfinger and started eating it. "besides, we got stuff for you guys too."

"oh gee, think you can spare it?" asked aj sarcastically as he pulled out a bag of runts. he opened the bag and shared with jamie. joann took out a bag of gummy bears and offered some to brian.

"you want anything?" faye asked kevin as she rummaged through chan's bag.

"um...find me a blow pop, please," he said.

"what flavor?" faye asked him as she held up five different blowpops. kevin chose blue raspberry and started sucking on his lollipop. (LOL)

faye took a black cherry blow pop and then gave the bag back to chan who was eating twizzlers.

"so when does the concert start?" asked nick with a mouthful of butterfinger.

"ew nick! that's so gross!" squealed joann. "it looks like you gotta mouth full of doody!"

"aaahhh," nick tormented joann as he came closer to her with his mouth open with chewed up butterfinger on his tongue.

"dude, will you stop!" said brian laughing as joann hid her face in brian's shoulder.

"fine," said nick as he swallowed. "anyways, like i was saying, when do the guys perform?"

jamie looked at her watch. "in about 15 minutes."

"are they any good?" asked aj as he popped a banana runt into his mouth (LOL).

chan nodded her head. "oh yeah. their music is really cool! kinda like your's, but you can hear the difference between your music and theirs."

"hmmm...maybe we can use them as an opening act," kevin said thoughtfully.

faye smiled at him. "that'd be cool. out two favorite bands in one concert ::sigh::"

the guys started laughing and the girls gave each other amused looks. "so what do you guys wanna do after this?" asked aj as he got up to throw away the runts wrapper.

"oooh! let's go clubbing at the palace!" said joann excitedly. brian and nick groaned. "what?" she asked them.

kevin laughed. "they don't like clubbing~~cause they can't dance."

nick pouted. "we can so!" said brian defensively. he jumped up and started doing some funky urkel-like dance. nick just shook his head and pulled brian back down onto the bench. brian crossed his arms over his chest and started pouting like nick.

"oh grow up you two," laughed aj as the others started laughing at the sight of a pouting nick and brian.

"besides, the palace isn't open on mondays!" said jamie. "we could always go~~whoa, kevin!" everyone looked at jamie with a puzzled look. jamie pointed at kevin and started to laugh. "what were you doing? kissing a smurf?" everyone looked over at kevin and started cracking up. the blue raspberry blow pop he had been sucking on had left kevin's lips and tongue all blue.

jamie took her compact out of her backpack and handed it to kevin. he looked in the mirror and started to blush when he saw his reflection. he started wiping his mouth, mumbling obscenities under his breath.

aj looked over at faye who was doubled over, laughing. he was smirking when he walked over to her. he grabbed faye by the chin and faced her towards the others. "oh man! what about faye! check it out!" they all looked at faye and started laughing even harder. her mouth was a dark purplish-black color from the black cherry lollipop she had been sucking.

"aw, how cute! they match!" chan gasped, trying hard not to laugh.

"shut up chan," faye grumbled. she looked over at kevin and they both rolled their eyes with annoyance. kevin handed her a napkin and she tried wiping the color off her mouth.

"alright you guys, stop teasing," said joann when she was finally able to stop laughing. "besides, the guys are about to start. let's head to the front of the stage so we can see better."

they all got up and started walking towards the front. there was already a large crowd forming around the stage. kevin, nick, brian and aj kept their heads down and stuck close to the girls, hoping they wouldn't get noticed. by the time they made it to the front, sammy, dc and dallas were running out onto the stage, the music blaring and lights flashing.

the guys first sang "i'll be your everything," and the girls were so into the guys' performance that they forgot about kevin, brian, aj and nick. they were going wild over youngstown, screaming their names, jumping around and singing along. the four guys just stood in a group behind the girls, tolerating their behavior and the screaming of all the other girls around them.

"is this what it feels like to be in the audience at one of our concerts?" nick asked the others wide eyed.

"man, if it is..." said aj, as he avoided some girls who were attempting to rush the stage.

"their music isn't that bad," brian said to the others as he bobbed his head to the beat of "pedal to the steel."

"yeah, it's pretty cool," agreed kevin. unknowingly, the guys got caught up in the music too and they started bobbing their heads to the beat.

the guys were so caught up with the music that they didn't notice the girls looking over at them.

"they look like they're enjoying themselves," whispered chan to the other girls. they all giggled and smiled at the guys who were also swaying with the crowd while youngstown performed "whenever you need me."

"aw, they're so cute," sighed faye. when youngstown started performing "dance floor," the girls started dancing and kevin, aj, nick and brian joined them. they were having so much fun dancing that they didn't notice that the audience had given them space and were gathered around them. jamie finally noticed when she overheard two girls whispering to each other.

"they look like, kevin, nick, aj, and brian!" said one girl.

"it couldn't be!" said the other. "why would they be here at a youngstown concert?"

"no! i seriously think it's them! only aj would have all those earrings! let's go tell the others!"

"uh oh!" jamie said to the group as youngstown started performing their last song, "prince you've charmed." "i think we need to get out of here~~you guys have been noticed!" the group started heading out of the audience. dallas noticed from the stage that the girls were rushing out of the audience with the guys. he frowned, but he quickly replaced it with a smile when he remembered he was performing.

the group managed to make it all the way to fantasy land and to sleeping beauty's carousel without being noticed or stopped. they all gathered around one of the benches by the carousel and started discussing what they were going to do that night.

"i think the guys are done with the concert now, so i'll call them after we decide where we're going so they can meet up with us afterwards," chan told the others as she sat down on nick's lap.

"okay, so we know clubbing is out," said jamie. "what about going to dinner?

"probably not," said brian. "we might get spotted."

"but i'm hungry!" whined nick. faye rolled her eyes at him. "nick! you ate all that candy! how can you be hungry?" she asked him, laughing.

"i don't know...i just am," he pouted. chan patted his stomach and laughed.

"we can always do stuff in our hotel room," suggested aj. the girls all looked at aj and shook their heads at him. "whaaaat?! man! i didn't mean that kind of stuff! i meant we could watch movies or get some room service! sheesh! i'm not always a pervert!" they all laughed at him as he plopped onto the bench and pouted.

"actually, that's not a bad idea," said brian. "we can chill at the hotel, have some fun. do you guys want to?"

"sure," said kevin and the others nodded in agreement. nick, chan and aj got up off the bench and they all headed towards the exit. on the way, faye dragged them to one of the gift shops. "i wanna get something," said faye as she rushed inside. she motioned for the other girls to follow and they ran inside after her.

"okay, we'll be over here," kevin shouted after them, and the guys went into another store, 2 doors down.

"what are we doing here?" chan asked faye as faye led them over to the wall in the store that had all of the hats.

"i thought it'd be cute for us to get them something so that they could remember this day," faye told them as she picked up one of the hats.

"aw, okay," jamie said laughing. "what do you have in mind?"

"i don't know...maybe we could get them hats."

"hmmm...let's look around first. maybe we'll find something," said chan as she headed over to section that had the toys. the girls wandered around and after awhile they met up again by the hats.

"i think hats might be a good idea," said joann as she picked up a pair of Mickey ears. "what do you think?" she asked the others.

"ummm...possibly," answered faye. she picked up a pirate hat and held it up in front of chan, jamie and joann. they shook their heads no, and faye tossed it back onto the shelf. "why don't we each pick out a hat for each guy? that'd probably be easier." chan, jamie and joann agreed and they started looking around.

after about 10 minutes, each girl found a hat and they all headed to the register to get the boys' names stitched on them. faye got kevin a khaki fishermans hat that had a patch of mickey on it. joann had decided on a blue beanie with a goofy patch for brian. jamie was holding a black beanie that had a patch of dopey on it for aj and chan was at the register getting nick's name stitched onto a winnie the pooh baseball cap for nick. the girls had even decided to get howie a hat, even though they hadn't met him yet, so he wouldn't feel left out. they had decided to get him a chip n dale baseball cap. when they were done in the store, they went to go meet up with the guys who were waiting for them on a bench outside.

"what were you girls up to?" asked aj in a sing-song voice when he noticed the bags the girls were carrying..

"nothing," said chan smiling. "unless you tell us what are in your bags."

the guys looked down at the bags that were piled up at their feet and they gave the girls puzzled looks. "what bags? these aren't ours," said nick innocently, trying to hide a smile.

brian shook his head and sighed. "man, nick! you can't even lie straight faced!" he laughed as he punched nick in the arm. he turned to the girls. "we got you something, you know, souvenirs to remember today."

"awww" the girls unknowingly said unanimously. when they realized what they did, they started giggling. the guys just laughed and shook their heads. "we did the same thing," joann told them when she finally calmed down. "should we exchange gifts now?" she asked them.

"sure, why not?" said brian, and he handed joann his bag. "here joann, i hope you like it."

"same here," said joann as she handed brian her bag. she opened the bag and a smile spread across her face as she pulled out a bambi stuffed animal. "aw, thank you brian!" and she gave him a hug.

"alright, cool hat!" said brian. he hugged joann back after he took off his cap and put the goofy beanie on. "thanks, joann."

"me next, me next!" said aj in a little kid voice as he jumped up and down. he handed jamie his bag and jamie gave him hers. "no way! it's dopey!" exclaimed aj as he took of his baseball cap an put on the dopey beanie. "thanks babe!" and he gave jamie a kiss on the cheek.

"oh aj! i love it!" jamie squealed as she took a simba stuffed animal out of the bag. she hugged aj and kissed him on the cheek. "thank you!"

nick handed chan his bag and gave her a shy smile. "i hope you like what i got you." chan took the bag and she handed him hers. "same here," she replied laughing. chan opened the bag and squealed. " oh nick! thank you so much! it's so adorable! i love it, it's so perfect!" she pulled the marie stuffed animal (from aristocats) from the bag and hugged it as she gave nick a kiss on the cheek. nick blushed as he opened his bag.

"chan, pooh is my fave," he laughed as he replaced his baseball cap with the pooh one that chan gave him. he gave her a huge hug and said thanks.

" you even deserve your gift?" faye said jokingly to kevin as she held her bag in front of him. kevin laughed and held up his bag. "i was just thinking the same thing about you," he replied with a smirk. they exchanged bags and opened them up. kevin laughed as he pulled out his new fishermans hat. "this is so phat! thanks faye!" and he took off the hat he was wearing and put the new one on as he kissed her cheek.

"kevin, omg! how did you know!?" faye exclaimed as she pulled out a baby pegasus stuffed animal from the bag. "how did you know i wanted this?!"

"really?" said kevin laughing. "i just saw it and thought you might like it." faye laughed and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "thank you so much, kevin!"

"alright, i am starving, so let's head to the hotel," said brian. they all agreed and headed to the exit where the guys' van was waiting for them.

"jamie and i both drove, so we'll meet you guys at the hotel," chan told the guys. the guys agreed as they got into their van. they were yelling at the girls from the windows to be careful and drive safely as the van pulled out of the parking lot. the girls were laughing at them as they walked to jamie and chan's cars that were parked in the minnie mouse parking lot.

"those guys are such dorks," laughed jamie as she and joann got into her black 4runner.

"yeah, but CUTE dorks!" chan replied as she and faye climbed into chan's green kia sportage, laughing at jamie's remark. "okay, we'll see you guys at the hotel. you head out first and we'll follow."

jamie pulled out and went out the exit, chan behind her, and the two cars headed for the biltmore hotel, both blasting a bsb song on the stereo. (LOL, i couldn't resist!)

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