chapter 5

"hey you guys! sorry we're late, but something came up," said faye as she hugged the three guys.

"is everything okay?" asked dallas as he eyed kevin, nick, brian and aj who were standing off to the side.

"oh yeah," replied chan. "don't worry about it. the three other girls walked over to the guys and gave them hugs too. "we brought some friends with us. hey guys, come over here." she waved the four guys over to the table.

"dc, dallas, sammy, this is kevin, nick, brian and aj. you know 4/5 of the backstreet boys," said faye laughing as she pointed to each guys. "and this is dallas, dc, and sammy. they're the group youngstown, they're gonna be performing tonight." the guys nodded to each other and shook hands, but didn't say a word. kevin, nick, brian and aj sat down at the next table while sammy grabbed some chairs, and the girls sat down in between the two tables.

"so what's going on?" sammy asked as he looked over at faye and who was sitting really close to kevin. "how'd you guys meet up?"

chan laughed. "it's a funny coincidence. we met at the teacups while i was embarrassing the hell out of myself!" faye, kevin, brian, nick and aj started cracking up. jamie, joann, dc, dallas, and sammy all looked at each other, obviously not knowing the joke. "then jamie and joann joined up with us and we all jusr decided to hang out together," chan continued.

faye nodded. "yeah, the guys looked so lonely, we decided to take pity and let them join us."

"yeah right, faye!" laughed aj. " you girls just couldn't stay away from us! you just want us" faye stuck her tongue out at him and aj gave her a smirk. "maybe later faye when no one's around."

"shut up aj," groaned nick disgusted as he smacked aj in the back of the head. the girls started giggling at their cuteness, but dc, dallas and sammy just looked at each other and rolled their eyes.

"uh...okay," said dc slightly annoyed as he stood up. "i'm gonna get something to eat. anyone else want anything?" he took everyone's orders and headed to the restaurant. dallas and sammy got up and went to go help dc with the food.

"can you believe this?!" exclaimed sammy.

"no i can't," grumbled dc. "what the hell are they doing here anyways?"

"did you see chan with whats-his-name? nick? and i thought she liked me!" said dallas, almost shouting.

"what about faye? she might as well be sitting in that jerk's lap!" said sammy.

"sammy, you guys aren't together anymore," replied dallas who was getting annoyed.

"yeah...but still..."

"well, none of them better get near jamie or there's gonna be trouble," said dc as he picked up one of the trays. dallas and sammy got the rest of the food and they started to head back to the tables. "let's get back before they start getting a little too close."

when they got back to the table, they noticed that there had been some seat changes. faye and kevin were on one side of a table off in their own little world. sammy noticed and he frowned slightly. dallas saw that chan and nick were looking kinda cozy on the other side of the table. nick was whispering in chan's ear and she was smiling. dallas groaned and rolled his eyes. dc was getting pissed when he saw that jamie was sitting in aj's lap.

"ahem, i hope we're not interrupting anything," said dallas flatly as the three guys handed out the food. dallas, dc and sammy sat down at a table and everyone started eating. nick and chan were having fun feeding each other fries. dallas saw them and started mumbling angrily to himself.

"what'd you say dallas?" asked joann. she was sitting in between brian and dallas. she had just finished a conversation with brian when she heard dallas mumbling.

"huh? oh, um, nothing joann," he answered shaking his head.

"dallas, you can tell me." joann scooted her chair closer to him so they could talk in private.

dallas leaned his head in his hand and looked over at joann with sad eyes. "it's just that i thought chan liked me. but look at her! she obviously likes 'oh great one - nick of the backstreet boys!'" he answered sarcastically.

"well, you never told her you liked her back, dallas." said joann trying not to laugh. "she thought you weren't interested so i guess she moved on."

"yeah, i guess you're right," grumbled dallas as he sulked in his seat.

"aw, don't worry," said joann as she put her arm around him. "another girl will come along."

dallas just nodded and looked over at nick and chan who were whispering to each other again. dallas rolled his eyes.

"well, we need to get going," said sammy awhile later. he stood up. "we have sound check in a half hour." dallas and dc stood up with him. "i guess we'll see you girls later." faye, chan and jamie were too distracted with kevin, nick and aj that they just waved. joann noticed the annoyed looks on sammy, dallas and dc's faces. she stood up and gave each of them a hug.

"you guys, remember, none of you guys were together. you can't be angry at them for being happy, okay?" she scolded them.

"yeah, but we might have been if they never came along," grumbled dc as they walked off. joann sighed and sat down again. brian looked over at her and gave her a worried look. "are you okay?" he asked.

"yeah, but the guys aren't. " she then told him the situation and how they were jealous of kevin, aj and nick.

"so you're not with any of them, huh?" asked brian as he took her hand. "cause i was hoping i could ask you out."

joann gave him a sympathetic look. "brian," said joann all flustered. " i'm so sorry, but i didn't know you liked me. the thing is...i...i kinda have this thing for dallas..."

"but i thought...i mean, you were looking back at me earlier..."

"i was in shock! i was looking at all of you guys! i mean, you're the backstreet boys!" she said half smiling.

brain smiled back at her. "well, i tried," he sighed. "but wait. i thought you said dallas likes chan?"

"yeah, that's the problem," joann said sadly.

"well, at least i know how you feel," he answered as he put his arm around her shoulders. she smiled up at him and he gave her goofy smile.

"okay! who's ready for more rides?!" asked aj as he picked jamie off of his lap and set her on her feet.

"where do you guys want to go next?" said nick as he pulled back chan's chair and helped her out of her seat.

"um...what about star tours?" asked kevin as he and faye stood up.

"alrighty, star tours it is!" said brian. "hey joann! want a piggy back ride?" she laughed and nodded her head. brian stooped down and joann got on his back. he then took off for the ride with joann laughing her head off.

chan looked up at nick. "can i have one too?" she asked him sweetly. nick laughed and crouched down so she could climb onto his back. then nick started skipping towards the ride. aj, jamie, kevin and faye laughed at the sight of chan, just hanging onto nick for dear life with an embarrassed look on her face.

"i guess that means we have to give you girls piggy back rides too, right?" said kevin as he crouched down and faye climbed onto his back.

"nuh uh!" said aj in a little kid's voice. " i want the ride!" he jumped on jamie's back and started kicking his legs around. "let's go horsey, let's go!" he started smacking her bottom and jamie started to laugh uncontrollably. she laughed so hard that she wasn't able to support aj and the two fell on the ground. faye and kevin laughed at them as aj helped jamie to her feet.

"aj, you are such a dork!" jamie said still laughing. "if you hadn't made laugh so hard, i might have been able to carry you!"

"okay! let's try again!" and he hopped onto her back again. jamie started walking slowly to the ride and halfway there she picked up speed and started to run. aj was laughing wildly and flailing his arms around. people were giving them odd looks as they ran past.

kevin and faye were behind them and they laughed hysterically at the sight of jamie running with a crazy aj on her back. "this is gonna be an interesting day with those six," laughed faye as she put her arms around kevin's neck and gave him a hug as he carried her towards the ride. "i'm glad at least you aren't going to be all weird like them."

"really," said kevin as he stopped walking. he then laughed wickedly and started skipping the rest of the way towards the others who were already waiting in line.

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