chapter 4

"hey jamie, joann," the guys called out to the two girls.

"faye, chan, you are in so much trouble!" jamie yelled at them.

jamie and joann walked over to where faye, chan and the guys were talking. faye and chan groaned when they heard jamie's angry voice. they knew they were majorly late and that jamie was gonna totally chew them out. aj had looked up when jamie had called out to the faye and chan, and now he couldn't take his eyes off of her. "she's pretty cute," he thought to himself. jamie looked a bit pissed, but joann's eyes were wide with shock when she realized who faye and chan were talking to.

despite the fact that they were in the presence of nick, aj, kevin and brian, jamie still reemed out faye and chan for ditching her and joann.

"i can't believe you two! we were supposed to meet at 12, do you realize what time it is? it's 12:52! and did you forget that we were supposed to meet the guys at 12:30 for lunch?" said jamie angrily as she looked around at the group. she blushed slightly when she realized that she was the center of attention, and that the guys were giving her amused looks.

"hey, don't blame them, it's our fault they never showed," said aj as he stepped up to jamie. "i guess we kinda made them forget about meeting you. we kinda shocked the hell outta them earlier." he gave jamie a sheepish grin, hoping that she would understand and cool down, and possibly give him a smile.

"that's still doesn't make up for it," she answered him, slightly annoyed. she couldn't stay angry for very long though. aj was giving her the cutest "forgive me" look, and she found herself blushing when she realized that she had been staring at him.

"we're really sorry you two," said chan laughing. "but as you can see, we kind of got distracted."

"are you calling us distractions?" nick asked chan, trying to sound hurt, as he put his arm around her shoulder.

"the worst kind," she retorted, smiling at him sweetly.

"alrighty then," faye interrupted with an amused look. "if chan and nick are done flirting, we should head over to the tomorrowland terrace. that's where sammy, dc and dallas said they were gonna meet us."

"do you think they'd mind if we tag along?" kevin asked faye. she shook her head no. "i don't know. i mean, they shouldn't . you're friends of ours. and if they do, they'll answer to me." faye smiled up at him and kevin nodded and smiled back. he then bent his head down and whispered into faye's ear. "i think we have a cute little situation here" and he nodded over to brian who had been staring at joann the whole time.

"joann, are you okay? you haven't said anything," faye asked her, trying not to laugh. joann had also been stealing glances at brian, and she suddenly blushed when she realized everyones attention was on her.

"'m still trying to recover here," she giggled. "i mean, we were looking for faye and chan, and we end up finding the backstreet boys...oh yeah, and you guys too." she nodded over at faye and chan. she shrugged her shoulders and smiled at everyone.

"well, for today at least, we're not the backstreet boys," said nick. "we're trying to keep a low profile, don't wanna get mobbed and all. so we're just you're average four guys at disneyland, being graced with the company of you four pretty girls."

they all groaned at nick's corniness and brian gave him a punch on the arm. "yo, nicky. i think chan already likes you, so you can quit it with the cuteness."

nick elbowed brian and gave him a dirty look. brian punched nick again on the arm tauntingly, and side stepped nick's attempt to elbow him again. nick was about to go after brian, but aj grabbed the back of his sweatshirt and nick stumbled. everyone laughed and faye stepped in-between the two boys. "okay you two. that's enough, no more fighting. we're already late, but we need to head over to the restaurant now."

they all agreed and started walking towards tomorrowland. when they reached the terrace, the girls started scanning the tables looking for their friends. they saw three guys at a table waving over at them and the group headed towards them. the guys were smiling when they saw the girls, but the smiles quickly vanished when they saw the four guys with them.

"uh oh...they don't look too happy," chan whispered to faye as she noticed the scowl on d.c.'s face and dallas whispering something to sammy.

"oh man, why do i have the feeling that something bad is going to happen," faye whispered back as the group joined d.c., dallas, and sammy at their table.

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