chapter 3

"oh my god..." chan said as she looked over at faye with disbelief.

"i'm only called that in the bedroom, but any other time, i'm called aj." with a smirk aj held out his hand to chan. chan took it and shook his hand, but was in so much shock that she forgot to let go.

"chan, it's kevin, nick, aj and brian," faye said, trying to compose herself. "chan let go of his hand!"

chan looked down and noticed what she was doing. she let go quickly and started blushing.

aj looked over at faye and smiled. "hey! no fair! you know our names, but we don't know yours!" the guys looked at them expectantly, waiting for them to introduce themselves. chan and faye just stood there staring at them.

nick was looking at chan who was looking all flustered. "she's kinda cute" he thought to himself smiling. chan looked over at nick and caught him staring at her. she suddenly remembered what she had said about pinching nick, and she groaned inwardly. when the two locked eyes, they both looked away blushing, nick laughing nervously.

faye was so nervous she started playing with one of the buckles of her overalls without knowing it. all of a sudden, the buckle unfastened and fell down to her side. she looked at it horrified, too shocked to fix it. kevin laughed, picked up the buckle and fastened it for her. she looked at him gratefully and then started blushing. kevin noticed and smiled to himself.

"okay girls, BREATHE!" laughed brian. he walked over to where they were standing and stood between them. He put his arms around both of their shoulders and bent his head down towards theirs. "we're trying to keep it on the DL so we would appreciate it if you didn't make a big fuss." the two nodded their heads but still didn't say anything. "okay, could you do one more thing for us?" faye and chan nodded again. "could you tell us your names or else i'll be forced to call you two, Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee." the girls finally loosened up and started giggling.

faye held her hand out to brian. "i'm faye." after she shook his hand, she turned around and shook the other guys' hands, saving kevin for last. when she shook his hand, she also thanked him for helping her out with her "little problem" earlier.

"no problem," he smiled down at her, thinking how cute she was again when she blushed.

"and i'm chan," smiled chan as she shook hands with the guys. she shook nick's hand last and she noticed that he took awhile to let go. she blushed and when nick saw her blush, he started blushing too.

faye finally felt comfortable enough to speak and she turned her attention to brian who still had his arm around faye and chan. "so what are you guys doing here? shouldn't you be in orlando or somewhere, doing something important?"

aj motioned for them to move up in the line that had continued moving during their introductions. "we're here for some down time before we head to new york. we're gonna start working on our next album in a few weeks" he explained to faye and chan.

"besides, we didn't have anything to do today and nick wanted to come here and hang out," said kevin as he moved to stand over by faye. he looked over at brian and brian met kevin's gaze with a goofy smile. kevin then looked down at brian's arm that was still around faye. brian noticed kevin's stare and sheepishly removed his arm from faye and chan's shoulders.

"what about you two? here for a day of fun?" asked nick trying to be all suave as he walked over to stand next to chan, pushing aj out of the way. chan laughed at nick's gesture and looked at him oddly.

"yeah, faye and i are meeting our friends, jamie and joann, later. we're here to see youngstown perform tonight. they're friends of ours."

"well, mind if we join you guys? four guys together at disneyland looks kinda odd, but if we had four girls with us..." said aj with a smile as he walked in between faye and chan and he put his arms over their shoulders.

"um, yeah, i guess so," answered faye. "but chan, don't you think dallas is gonna be kinda jealous?" she looked over at chan and gave her an evil smile.

"huh? who's dallas? oh, him. very funny faye, glad to see you're finally in a good mood and not pining over sammy," answered chan sarcastically as she gave faye the evil eye.

"who's dallas?" asked nick at the same time that kevin asked "who's sammy?" they both hoped they weren't faye and chan's boyfriends.

"dallas is chan's boyfriend," laughed faye as she dodged chan's attempt to smack faye upside the head.

nick got a disappointed look on his face. chan noticed and quickly spoke up. "oh no! she's just joking! dallas isn't my boyfriend, he's just a friend! and sammy is faye's ex" she stuck her tongue out at faye.

"who i am totally over," answered faye, sticking her tongue out at chan.

"oh okay," said kevin and nick at the same time, and both unknowingly sighed with relief. brian and aj laughed at kevin and nick's little slip and faye and chan started laughing too.

"hey! it's our turn on the cups," aj jumped up excitedly. "ya'll wanna ride together?" they all agreed to. the six of them ran over to a yellow teacup and squeezed in. kevin made sure to sit next to faye and nick did the same with chan. when the ride started, aj, nick, kevin and brian were spinning the little wheel like mad, making the teacup spin faster and faster. faye and chan just sat there amused at their childishness. when the ride was over, they were all standing to the side of the exit deciding on what to do next when they heard two angry voices.

"faye, chan, where the hell have you two been-whoa!" said jamie as she and joann walked over to them. the two of them had a look of shock when they realized who faye and chan were talking to.

chan laughed at their expressions and faye grinned at them wickedly while she made the introduction. "boys, these are our friends jamie and joann. jamie, joann, these are our new friends - and i know i don't have to tell you their names!"

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