chapter 2

"what time did jamie and joann say they were gonna meet us?" asked chan impatiently. she glanced at her watch and looked around. she stood there wishing she had worn something warmer because it was starting to get a bit chilly. all she had worn were jeans, a long sleeved, baby blue baby doll t-shirt and white platform sneakers. her burgundy hair was in a simple ponytail, and she wore baby blue tinted sunglasses.

"jamie said they would meet us at 12 in front of the castle," answered faye as she took a seat on the bench they were standing by. faye was wishing she had worn something warmer too. she had on a gray, long sleeved baby doll t-shirt, her baggy overalls, and her black esprit sneakers. her hair was in two ponytails under her gray fishermans hat, and she wore dark blue tinted sunglasses.

"good! that gives us time to go on a ride before we meet up with them."

"i don't feel like going on anything," faye whined as she slumped down in her seat.

"faye, come on! i wanna go on the teacups, and i don't wanna go on alone!"

"fine," faye sighed and she and chan headed over to the teacups and got in line behind four guys. while they waited, they watched music videos on tv's that had been put up around the park to broadcast the youngstown concert that was being held that night.

"oh yay! britney spears!" squealed chan and she started singing and dancing along to the "sometimes" video. the four guys ahead of them heard chan singing and watched her dance out of the corner of their eyes. they started laughing when she started doing the choreography during the chorus.

"oh my god, chan! stop! people are laughing at you," hissed faye, blushing with embarrassment.

"i don't care, i'm having fun," answered chan, and she started singing louder.

when the video was over, another one started playing. it was the backstreet boys' "larger than life" video. faye and chan heard the same four guys in front of them groan loudly and start to cringe.

"geez," said chan to the guys, slightly annoyed. "i know not everyone is a BSB fan, but you don't have to ruin it for those of us who are!" she became so engrossed with the video that she totally forgot about the four guys in front of her.

faye sat down on the curb by the tv and faced the guys. there's something familiar about those four she thought to herself.

chan interrupted faye's thought's with a girly squeal. "oh my gosh! nick is so cute! i just wanna pinch his cheeks, and i don't mean the ones on his face," chan said as she looked down at faye with a wicked grin.

faye just laughed at looked over at the four guys again. she noticed they were laughing harder. "aw, she wants to pinch your cheeks," faye heard the one in the gray long sleeved shirt say to the taller one in the green sweatshirt. she also noticed that the taller one's ears were all red. "it couldn't be..."

"okay, could you guys keep it down!" chan yelled at the guys who were laughing loudly. " i'm trying to enjoy the backstreet boys and you're ruining it for me! just cause they're cuter and more talented than you guys doesn't mean you have to laugh at them!"

still laughing, the four guys turned around and faced chan and faye. chan was too busy looking at the tv to notice, but faye saw them turn around. she gasped and jumped to her feet.

"chan!" she said under her breath while staring at the guys with wide eyes.

"what?" chan asked annoyed as pulled her attention away from the tv. she saw faye's face and turned to see what faye was staring at. chan gave a gasp as she saw nick, brian kevin and aj looking at them with amused faces and laughing their asses off.

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