chapter 13

"dc, what is your problem," faye snapped as she and sammy came over. dallas and chan had also noticed the fight and they joined them to see what was going on. dc looked at faye and gave her an annoyed look.

"faye, mind your own business," he replied. faye started to say something, but sammy put his hand on her shoulder and shook his head.

dc turned and looked at aj with a smirk. "so mr. a-j, think you're all tough?" dc said mockingly. "whatcha gonna do about it?" aj just looked at him and shook his head. he then turned to jamie who was looking at him with a worried look.

"dc, man. i have too much respect for the girls to be starting something in front of them. that's just messed up," aj answered. "i don't want to ruin their night so let's just be adult about this."

dallas looked at dc and made a face. "yeah, whatever. he's just scared he's gonna get the sh** beat outta him," he laughed to dc. dc smirked and started to laugh.

jamie walked over to aj and took him by the hand. "just forget them, aj. let's go sit down," and she started to lead him back to the table.

"dang, aj ~ you're such a pansy ass you gotta get jamie to protect you," dc said laughing. dallas started to laugh and chan elbowed him and gave him a look. he looked at her and shrugged, but he still had a smirk on his face.

aj turned around and walked up to dc with an angry look in his eyes. "listen, i don't want to start anything, especially at your party, in front of your guests. so why don't you shut your mouth before i make you shut it." dallas walked up beside dc and elbowed him. they looked at each other and smirked. aj just shook his head and walked off with jamie. "pansy ass!" dallas called after aj, laughing. aj stopped for a moment, and was about to turn around, but jamie whispered something to him. aj nodded angrily and continued walking back to the table with jamie. dc and dallas laughed and walked off towards a group of people.

faye looked at sammy and gave him an annoyed look. "why didn't you do anything?" she asked him as she smacked him on the arm. chan came over and joined them. faye and chan looked at sammy with raised eyebrows, waiting for his answer. sammy just shrugged at her as he winced and rubbed his arm where faye had hit him.

"i don't know," he replied cringing. faye just sighed and walked back with chan to join the others. when they got to the table, brian and joann were there with puzzled looks on their faces. jamie was explaining to them what had happened while nick, kevin and aj were talking privately, away from the others.

"i think we should leave now. it's getting kinda uncomfortable around here," said joann to the others when nick, aj and kevin came back. the girls agreed and the guys just nodded. they got their stuff together and headed towards the exit. when they got to the door, they heard dc and dallas calling after them. when they came over, they had angry looks on their faces.

"where are you guys going?" dc asked, looking at the girls. jamie just gave him a disgusted look, but wouldn't answer him. she looked over at faye and raised an eyebrow.

"we're gonna go...after what happened, we don't feel like sticking around for the rest of the party," faye answered solemnly.

dallas frowned and shook his head with disgust. he looked over at nick and gave him a dirty look. "it's all their fault," he said angrily to dc as he nodded over at kevin, aj, brian and nick. "they fu**ed everything up."

kevin, aj, nick and brian just looked at each other, shook their heads and shrugged. faye walked up to dc and dallas and gave them an annoyed look. "no, dallas. they didn't do anything ~ it was you guys who fu**ed up with your attitudes. why don't you guys grow up and get over yourselves." dc and dallas just rolled their eyes at her, and dallas shoved her out of his way as he started to walk off. kevin caught her before she tripped and he looked over at dallas angrily. he started to walk over to dallas with a clenched fist, but chan grabbed kevin's arm and stopped him.

"dallas, you are such an ass!," chan yelled at him as she walked up to his face and slapped him. dallas stood there and stared at chan with a shocked look on his face. the girls looked at chan in disbelief, while the guys started chuckling to themselves.

"whoa..." said dc under his breath. he looked at chan with wide eyes and kept his mouth shut. "what's going on?" sammy asked puzzled as he joined them.

"nothing. we were just leaving," joann said quickly as she took brian by the hand and rushed out the door. kevin, aj, nick, faye, jamie and chan said nothing as they followed brian and joann out the door.

sammy looked over at dallas and noticed his shocked expression. "what's up with dallas?" he turned and asked dc.

dc just shook his head and put his hand on dallas' shoulder. he then looked up at sammy with a solemn look. "man, we totally fu**ed up."

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