chapter 11

"you guys almost ready?" called jamie from her bedroom. she was looking for her car keys while faye, chan and joann were finishing up getting ready.

"yeah, let's go," replied faye.

jamie found her keys on her bed, took one last look in her mirror, then headed to the living room. faye, chan and joann were putting on their coats when jamie walked in. when jamie came into the room, faye looked up at her, then looked at chan and then started laughing. "what's with the animal print?" she managed to choke out between giggles as she looked at their outfits.

jamie was wearing a black back-less leather top, leopard print pants, and black boots. chan had on a zebra print skirt, a black tube top, and strappy black platforms. chan stuck her tongue out at faye. "you're just jealous cause you're not cool enough to wear stuff like this. at least jamie and i aren't all shiny like you and joann."

joann and faye just rolled their eyes at them. faye had on a dark blue satiny tank top, black stretchy boot cut pants, and platform boots. joann was wearing matte silver cuffed capris, a white shirt with a silver dragon on the front, and black platform slides.

"okay, okay ~ we need to stop making fun of each other or we'll be late," laughed jamie. the girls headed out the door and piled into jamie's 4Runner. when they got to the hotel, faye used the phone in the lobby to call kevin's room. when kevin answered, he told them to head up to brian and nick's room where they would all meet. when the girls stepped out of the elevator on the guys' floor, they heard arguing and laughing coming from brian and nick's room.

the girls looked at each other with puzzled looks before chan knocked on the door. the arguing stopped, but the girls could still hear laughing on the other side. finally aj answered the door, looking somewhat rumpled and out of breath. "what's wrong with you?" asked faye, giving him an odd look.

"hello to you too, faye," grumbled aj. he said hi to chan, joann and jamie and he stepped aside to let the girls in the room. faye gave kevin a questioning look, but all he could do was laugh. brian, howie, and aj started laughing as well. faye then noticed that chan, jamie and joann, who were behind her, were laughing too. she looked around the room and that's when she noticed nick. nick had on a white wifebeater that was torn at the side, his baggy gray pants were sagging almost to his knees and his versace boxers were hanging out for all to see.

"what the heck is going on here?" gasped jamie as faye collapsed on the floor, laughing her ass off. nick pouted and stormed to the bathroom, slamming the door shut. the girls looked at each other with puzzled looks, but they couldn't stop laughing at how nick looked.

"what happened to nick?" asked chan when she was finally able to stop laughing.

"oh man, you missed it," laughed brian. "him and aj got into a little scuffle. it was the funniest thing i've ever seen."

"what were they fighting about?" asked joann as she sat down on the couch between howie and kevin.

"aj wasn't liking nick's outfit, so he tried to fix up nick." said kevin. "but nick wasn't liking what aj had done. i think the final straw was the hair."

howie started laughing. "oooooh yeah, the hair. aj crossed the line with the hair."

"oh goodness, what did he do," asked faye as she rolled her eyes.

"LOL, nick finally got his hair all perfect when aj came at him with one of his hats. aj put the hat on nick's head and nick flipped! he started yelling at aj 'look what you did! my hair is all ugly now!' and he chased aj around the room!" brian said, mimicking nick. aj tossed a pillow at brian and gave him a dirty look.

"do you know how long it took me to get my hair just right?!" yelled nick from the bathroom.

"just shut up and hurry up!" aj yelled back at him. they could hear nick mumbling to himself from inside the bathroom.

"but why was his shirt all torn and his butt hanging out of his pants?" asked faye, holding back the urge to laugh so that nick wouldn't have a tantrum again.

"oh, the big doofus was trying to hurry up and get ready when you girls called from the lobby. when he was running to his closet, his shirt got caught on his bed and tore. and when you knocked on the door, he tripped over kevin's feet on his way to the bathroom and his pants fell," said brain, shaking his head.

"aw, poor nick," said chan as she walked over to the bathroom door. she knocked softly. "nick, are you okay?" she asked him.

"yeah, yeah. i'm almost ready," he whined back.

"speaking of getting ready, we better finish up too so we can look as hott as the girls," aj said to kevin and brian, laughing. "we'll be back in ten minutes." aj and kevin left and headed to their hotel rooms, brian went to the bedroom, and howie also stood up to go.

faye gave him a puzzled look. "howie, you're not going with us?"

howie smiled at them and shook his head. "no, sorry girls. i have a date tonight."

"aw, okay. have fun," said jamie. the girls waved goodbye as howie said bye and left the room.

the girls sat around the living room, watching tv, as they waited for the guys.

"okay, weren't they supposed to be ready when we got here?" sighed joann as she looked at her watch.

faye, chan and jamie laughed and just shook their heads. finally nick came out of the bathroom, dressed and looking extremely hott. he had on a tight black short sleeved button down shirt, and baggy khakis. his hair was parted in the middle and he had wire framed glasses on. the girls just sat there, staring at him wide eyed. nick smirked at them as he ran his hand through his hair. just then, brian came out of the bedroom. when the girls saw him, all they could do was give him the same reaction. brian had on a white sweater shirt, and baggy khaki cargoes. he laughed as he put his arm around nick's shoulders. "i guess we look good," and he winked at the girls.

"yeah, but not as good as us," said aj as he and kevin walked through the door. the girls turned to look at them, and their jaws fell to the floor. faye even gasped (lol). aj was wearing slightly baggy black leather pants, a tight sleeveless army green shirt, and his black leather cowboy hat. kevin had on a tight dark blue sweater shirt, a black leather jacket, and baggy black pants. they walked into the room and joined nick and brian. brian got a goofy look on his face, and he busted out with model poses. the other guys started laughing and followed brian's lead. they walked around the room pretending to be on a runway, striking poses and trying hard to look serious. the girls started laughing uncontrollably at them and they guys couldn't hold the faces any longer and they started laughing too.

faye wiped the tears of laughter from her eyes and composed herself. "okay you guys, we really need to get going if we're gonna make dinner and the guys' party." chan, jamie and joann got up and the guys helped them with their coats. "are we driving?" faye asked kevin as he helped her with her coat.

"no, we're gonna use the limo tonight so we don't have to go separately," he answered.

they all headed out of the hotel room and to the elevators. when they got to the lobby, there was a group of girls standing around in the lobby. "uh oh," said aj when he saw all of the girls' backstreet boys signs and cameras. "i think we need to slip out the back so we don't get noticed." they hurried around a corner and to the back entrance. fortunately, none of the girls saw them, and security helped them to their limo.

"what restaurant are we going to?" chan asked nick as the limo pulled away from the driveway.

"i think kev and faye decided on wolfgang pucks," answered nick.

chan rolled her eyes and laughed. "you know what? i think kev and faye are good together ~ they both have the same bossy attitude." nick snickered as he put his arm around her.

aj and jamie were sitting together and jamie was trying to take aj's hat off of his head. "aw, come on aj! let me at least try it on," she pleaded.

aj leaned back, away from her reach. "no way. it's my hat so nyah," said aj in a little boy voice and he stuck his tongue out at her. jamie pouted and scooted away from him. "jamie, babe, where you going?" he laughed as he tried to put his arm around her. jamie just ignored him and started talking to joann and brian, who were sitting on the other side of her. aj looked at brian and smirked. he tried to put his arm around jamie again, but she scooted further away from him.

"could you please inform mr. mclean to stay away from me." she said coldly to brian. "if he won't let me try on his hat, i don't want to talk to him."

brian laughed and looked at aj. "gotta give up the hat, boner, if you want the girl."

aj smirked and took off the hat and placed it on jamie's head. she smiled at him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "thank you," she said as she took out her compact. she looked at herself in the mirror, and when she saw her reflection she made a face. "ugh, never mind," she laughed as she took off the hat. "it looks much better on you!" and she put the hat back on aj's head.

"i told you," he replied smirking, and he gave her a kiss on the cheek. jamie rolled her eyes as she scooted closer to aj and leaned back against him as he put his arm around her. brian and joann laughed at the two of them and went back to their conversation.

faye and kevin were at the back of the limo talking. kevin leaned into faye and whispered in her ear. "do you think we're gonna have fun tonight?"

faye smiled up at him and shrugged. "i hope so. i'm a little worried though..."

"why? what's up?" he asked as he took her right hand and started playing with her bracelet.

faye sighed and leaned back into the seat. "i'm just worried about sammy, dc and dallas. they're kinda having...problems...with something."

"you mean us," kevin said knowingly. faye sat up and looked at him with a questioning look. "joann told brian, and brian told us," he said. faye just nodded and leaned back against the seat again. kevin started playing with faye's hair. "don't worry, i'm sure everything will be okay."

"let's hope so," faye sighed as the limo pulled up in front of the restaurant. "cause knowing dc, dallas and sammy, they're not too happy with tonight's arrangement."

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