chapter 1

"Could you at least smile? You're making the 'happiest place on earth' very depressing," joked chan.

faye and chan walked through the entrance turnstiles into the park. faye scowled when she saw all the happy people walking around. among them were happy couples walking hand in hand. it was a painful reminder of the short time she had shared with sammy.

"welcome to disneyland. hope you enjoy your visit," said a perky disney employee as she handed them maps.

"yeah, whatever," mumbled faye as she trudged behind chan to main street.

"faye, i know you're still upset about you and sammy breaking up, but do you have to take it out on the whole world?" sighed chan as she gave faye an annoyed look.

"i just don't see why we have to come to their concert taping today. sammy and i haven't talked or seen each other since we broke up a month ago," whined faye.

"you know why we're here. even though he said he wasn't ready for a relationship, you two agreed that you would still try and be friends. besides, what about d.c. and dallas? you're still good friends with them too. don't you want to support them on their big day?"

"i guess," answered faye sulking. " but you just wanted to come cause you like dallas." faye gave chan a wicked grin

"yeah right. we're just friends," said chan quickly, trying to change the subject. "come on! we still have six hours until the concert. let's go on some rides and get your mind off sammy," laughed chan and she grabbed faye's elbow and started running towards cinderella's castle. -------------

(in a hotel in LA)

"what are we gonna do today guys?" asked nick as he put on his sweatshirt. he turned around and faced kevin, brian, aj, and howie who were laying around in nick and brian's hotel room.

"whatever. we don't have anything scheduled for today so we have the day off," answered brian as he turned on the tv and started channel surfing.

"so what do you guys feel like doing?" asked kevin as he tossed a small ball towrds tyke who was scampering around on the floor.

"i don't know about you guys, but i think i'm gonna go visit my friend jake over in santa monica," said howie as he started to get his stuff together.

"hey, do you guys wanna go check out disneyland? we haven't been there in awhile," said nick from the mirror where he was fixing his hair.

"that might not be a good idea. what if we get mobbed by fans?" kevin said uncertainly.

"kev, it's a monday. i don't think many people are gonna be there. besides we could always keep it on the DL," said nick.

"i'm up for some disneyland," said brian as he turned off the tv and jumped up from the couch. "what about you bone? wanna come? hey bone?"

the four other guys looked over at aj, who had fallen asleep on nick's bed. brian got a mischievous look in his eyes and motioned at nick to join him at the side of the bed. brian whispered into nick's ear and nick snickered as he nodded his head. the two grabbed the edge of the blanket that aj was lying on and with one swift tug, aj rolled off the bed and fell with a thud on the floor.

"what the hell!" aj yelled as he jumped to his feet. he looked at kevin who was rolling on the floor laughing. he then turned and looked at howie who was wiping tears of laughter away from his eyes. he then saw brian and nick on the other side of the bed, the blanket in their hands, and laughing their asses off.

"dude, i'm gonna kill you two!" aj growled as he lunged for them but kevin quickly grabbed his shirt and held him back.

"yo, aj, cool it man. the were just joking around. besides, you could always get sweet revenge in some other way," kevin said to him with a sly grin.

"oh yeah, don't worry, i will," snapped aj as he bent down to pick up his sunglasses off the floor. "why the hell were you guys waking me up anyways?"

"me, kevin and brian are gonna head over to disneyland, do you want to come?" asked nick when he was finally able to stop laughing.

"yeah, i guess. nothing else to do today anyways," answered aj as he put on his baseball cap.

"alright, let's go then," said brian and he grabbed his baseball cap off his bed and put it on.

"i'll see you guys later," called out howie as the other four headed out the door.

"think anyone is gonna recognize us?' asked nick as they rode down to the lobby in the elevator.

"i don't think so. i mean we're dressed pretty low key. we look like normal guys," answered kevin as he looked down at his clothes and over at the other fellows. "even aj isn't recognizable since he's all covered up and you can't see the tats."

aj was wearing a long sleeved grey shirt, baggy drawstring khackis, a pair of dark sunglasses, and a khacki tommy hilfiger base ball cap. nick was dressed in a green nike sweatshirt, baggy jeans, and a black nike baseball cap worn backwards. brian was wearing a dark blue, long sleeved polo shirt, baggy jeans, and a white kentucky baseball cap. kevin had on a black phat farm sweat shirt, baggy khacki cargos, blue tinted sunglasses. and his dark blue fishermans hat.

"yeah, hopefully today will be pretty peaceful," said brian as they made their way into the van that was wating for them behind the hotel.

"yeah right, when is it ever peaceful," joked aj, and the others agreed laughing as the van headed to disneyland.

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