“hey frack, you want to play some ball?” brian asked spinning his basketball on his finger.

“uh uh,” nick said. he was standing in front of the tv holding his playstaion, trying to figure out how it all hooked together.

brian shook his head and went over to kevin, “what about you kev?”

kevin shook his head, “and put the ball down. im not going to be responsible for you breaking something in here.”

brian rolled his eyes, “yeah, okay kev. should I even ask...howie...aj...?”

aj laughed and went into his room. howie laughed, “I guess that means no. ill go with you though.”

brian looked at him slightly surprised, “really?”

“I mean ill ride the elevator with you. I want to see the library,” howie said and continued to ramble on about how it was one of the oldest libraries in the country.

brian rolled his eyes, “only you d. okay, see you guys later.” the two of them took the elevator downstairs and went their separate ways.

howie found the library and wandered around for a bit. he picked up a book and turned around to go to the couches but ended up bumping into someone and dropping the book.


howie looked up and blushed slightly, “im sorry.” he looked down and saw the book on her foot. “omg! im so sorry!” he quickly picked up the book, “are you okay? did I hurt your foot? do you need some ice?”

she laughed, “no, its okay. im fine. I promise.”

he nodded, “oh well, it wasnt totally a bad thing. I got to meet a pretty girl.” he offered her his hand, “im howie.”

she blushed and shook his hand, “nice to meet you. im annabella but my friends call me belle.”

“thats a pretty name,” he said as they walked towards the couches.

she smiled, "thank you.” she laughed slightly, “my little sister would die if she knew I was talking to you.”

“oh, you know who I am?”

she laughed and nodded. she leaned close and whispered, “I dont know if you know but your kind of famous.”

howie pretended to look shocked, “I am?!”

they sat down and she nodded, “uh huh.”


“yeah. and theres four other guys in the group with you. your actually pretty good.”

he smiled, “well thank you.”

she smiled, “so are you here on vacation?”

he nodded, “yeah. the other guys are wandering around here somewhere. unsupervised.”

she laughed, “isnt the point of a vacation to get away from people your always around?”

he laughed, “yeah but for once my brothers arent the people I want to get away from.”

she sighed, “I know the feeling.”

he glanced at her, “I know that sigh....thats a ‘I just broke up with my boyfriend/girlfriend’ sigh.”

“how did you...just broke up with a girlfriend?” she asked.

he sighed and nodded. “im sorry. it sucks huh?”

he nodded and laughed slightly, “you know the part that really sucks? she didnt even dump me to my face. she cheated on me then told one of my friends to tell me she was breaking up with me.”

“wow, my friend didnt even dump me. just cheated on me and tried to hide it. yeah, anthony was a GREAT guy.”

howie frowned, “she didnt even...im sorry. I dont mean to unload all of my problems on you.”

annabella shook her head, “no, its okay. if it makes you feel better you can tell me.”

howie sighed and started to tell her his story....

*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*(wavy flashback dream sequence thing)~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

“hey brian, wheres d?” aj asked.

brian rolled his eyes, “on his cell with angelica.”

aj made a face, “I really dont like that broad.”

nick paused his video game, “I dont like her either.”

brian looked at both of them, “I dont think she likes any of us.”

nick pouted, “but I never did anything to her.”

aj laughed, “dude, the girl is just a bi-”

“shut up. howies coming,” brian said.

nick went back to his game and brian and aj started to discuss a game of golf they played the day before.

“so what time is your flight coming in tomorrow night?” howie asked coming into the room on his cell.

“um...7:30. are you picking me up?” angelica asked.

“yeah, me and kev.”

she rolled her eyes, “okay. well I gotta get back to work.”

“okay, well ill see you tomorrow. love you,” howie said ignoring the faces the other three were making.

“love you too. bye,” she said and hung up.

howie smiled and turned off his cell. aj glanced at him, “dude, does kevin know hes going with you to the airport”

he smiled and shook his head, “im not going to the airport to pick her up...”


“im going to the airport but to catch a flight to new york,” howie said going upstairs to his room.

the three guys glanced at each other and followed him. “um...what do you mean by that?” brian asked.

“im going to surprise her in new york. then we can fly back together.”

“I hope angel likes surprises,” nick mumbled.

“you know she doesnt like that name.”

“no, she prefers satan,” aj whispered to nick.

“what?” asked howie looking up.

aj smiled, “ nothing.”

howie shrugged, “so anyways, im just gonna catch a flight and meet her at the airport.”

“I hope this doesnt backfire on him....” brian mumbled.


howie smiled as he glanced out the airplane window at the new york skyline. the fasten seatbelt sign flashed on as they descended on the runway. the plane landed and howie got off and headed to the gift shop.

he found a bouqet of daisies, angelicas favorite, and a little singing teddy bear. he paid for everything and went to find the gate her flight was supposed to leave from. he smiled thinking about how surprised she would be when she saw him waiting there for her.

he watched all of the people passing by. he laughed to himself at the ones he could tell were obviously tourist. they had on their “I <3 new york" tshirts and soft foam statue of liberty crowns.

howie glanced at his watch and looked around. their flight was in 10 minutes and angelica still hadnt shown up. he sighed and hoped she didnt miss the flight. a few minutes later one of the flight attendants called the flight number. he sighed and stood up. “come on angelica....” he mumbled to himself. he looked around and his eyes lit up when he saw her. she was walking towards the gate with a rather pissed off look on her face.

he was about to walk over to her when another guy came up behind her and grabbed her around her waist. they looked like they were arguing about something, she started to smile, and he leaned forward and kissed her.

howie’s heart dorpped to the ground as fast as the flowers and bear in his hand. he stood there frozen to the spot. they finally broke their kiss, she hugged him and headed to the gate. she saw howie there and the smile left her face, “...howie...”

he just looked at her unable to say anything.

“its not what you thing. I mean, its not...howie...say something...”

“why?” he asked softly.

angelica sighed, “howie...you live in florida. you were never around. what did you expect me to do?”

he laughed slightly, “stupid me. I thought, if you loved me of course, you would be faithful. aj was right about you.”

she rolled her eyes, “I guess theres a first time for everything.”

“dont talk about him like that. hes more of a friend to me than you will ever be.” he picked up the flowers and teddy bear and walked towards the airplane terminal. he stopped by a little girl wearing a bsb tshirt and knelt down next to her, “hi.”

“hi...” she said in awe.

he smiled and held up the bear, “I bought this for my friend but then I remembered she doesnt like this color. I was wondering if maybe you would like it.”

she glanced at her mom in shock. her mom laughed, “yeah, I think she does. could you sign it for her?” he nodded and she handed him a pen. “her name is angel.”

he glanced over his shoulder and saw angelica storming off. he smiled, “thats a pretty name.” he signed the bear and handed it to the little girl then handed her mom the pen and daisies before boarding the plane.

*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*(end of flashy dream sequence thing)*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

“...so when I got back home I found out that she had called aj and told him to tell me it was over,” he finished.

“whoa...im sorry.”

he smiled, “its not your fault. im just glad I found out what kind of person she was before it was too late.”

she nodded and glanced at her watch, “wow, weve been talking for an hour. I need to meet my friends for dinner.”

howie stood up as annabella got to her feet. “how long are you here for?” he asked.

“the rest of the week. im gonna attempt to ski,” she said laughing.

he smiled, “well were going out for dinner at the end of the week for my bday. do you want to come?”

she blushed, “really?”

he smiled and nodded. she smiled, “I would love to.” she took his hand and wrote the room number down, “maybe we can do something tomorrow.”

“yeah, maybe I can help you with your skiing.”

“I doubt that. ive seen the original version of ill never break your heart,” she said laughing. she kissed him on the cheek and headed back upstairs.

he watched her walk away and smiled. “yeah, this is going to be a good trip,” he said to himself and sat down and picked up his book.