robin dragged her suitcase out of the room and yelled inside to the other girls,"im gonna take my stuff downstairs and help emma load the jeep!"

the girls yelled back their "okays" and robin started to drag her suitcase down the hall towards the elevators.

"hey need help?"

she looked up and saw brian coming towards her, his duffel bag tossed over his shoulder,"could you? its really heavy."

"of course, i guess its the least i could for you after i kicked your butt in our game last night," he said picking up the suitcase.

she raised and eyebrow,"you won by two points you idiot."

he smiled proudly as they stepped into the elevator,"i still won and you didnt."

she laughed,"fine ill give you that much. but dont expect to win next time."

he smiled and put his arm around her,"so there will be a next time?"

"if you behave..."

"does kissing go under good behavior?"

"um...test me and we'll find out..." she said smirking.

brian smiled and leaned forward to kiss her just as the elevator doors opened to the downstairs lobby....

"ew you too, get a room," annabella said as she pushed past the two of them to get in the elevator.

brian laughed and picked up robins suitcase,"sorry."

"where are you coming from?" robin asked as they got out of the elevator. "you know emma wants to leave in like 20 minutes."

annabella nodded,"yeah, i had to return the book i got from the library. im already packed, i just gotta go upstairs and get my stuff."

"okay, see you in a bit," robin said and they headed outside to the jeep.

annabella took the elevator back up to their floor and rushed out. she was rushing down the hall to their room when she heard someone calling her name. she turned around and smiled,"hey howie, whats up?"

he smiled,"nothing. i went to ajs room to see if he had packed yet. he hadnt."

she laughed,"sounds like amanda."

he laughed and took her hand as they headed the rest of the way down to her room,"so when are you guys leaving?"

"in about 20 minutes. what about you?"

"about the same."

"can you come and keep me company while i get the rest of my stuff together...?"

he made a face,"i wish i could but im not totally packed myself...."

she laughed,"okay, well meet me back out here in like 10 minutes and we can go downstairs."

he nodded and leaned forward to kiss her on the cheek....

"hey d, annabella," kevin said walking out of his room.

howie sighed and took a step back from annabella,"hey kev, whats up?"

"oh, i was just wondering if faye was in the room. i let her borrow my jacket last night and needed to get it back..."

"i think she is. i was about to go in anyways, ill see you in a bit howie," she said quickly kisisng him on the cheek and opening the door for her and kevin. "faye are you here?"

"yeah...wheres my other shoe...? wheres emma?! i bet she has it!!" faye yelled from her room.

annabella laughed and pointed kevin in the direction of her room before going into her own to finish packing.

kevin knocked lightly on the door,"faye, its me. can i come in?"

faye looked around the messy room and shrugged,"yup."

kevin walked in," looks like nicks room..."

she laughed,"shut up. im in the process of packing. whats up?"

"i was wondering if i could get my jacket back...?"

"oh yeah, i was going to bring that over." she dug under a pile of clothes and came up with his dark blue ski jacket,"thanks."

he nodded and put it on,"so you need any help?"

"um...if you wouldnt mind..."

he shook his head and started to help her. about five minutes into their packing faye looked up and saw kevin staring at her. she blushed,"what...?"

"would it be forward of me if i said i wanted to kiss you?"

she blushed and shook her head. kevin smiled and leaned forward to kiss her....

"faye!! have you seen em?" amanda yelled pounding on the door.

faye and kevin jumped slightly. faye sighed and went to the door, she opened it slightly,"no because shes downstairs putting stuff in the jeep."

"oh okay, thanks." amanda turned back to nick,"shes downstairs."

nick nodded,"thanks."

he left the room and headed downstairs to the front of the lobby. he saw her and couldnt help but laugh. she was watching brian and robin who were standing next to her, obviously being mushy and she had the most disturbed look on her face.

nick walked over to her,"hey.."

she glanced over at him and smiled,"hey, whats up?"

he shook his head and sat down next to her at the edge of the back of the jeep,"i wanted to come and say goodbye. i mean i know were gonna see each other after this and everything but i just wanted to say it before you left."

she blushed and smiled,"thanks. i would have come looking for you but i got put in charge of loading the jeep."

he laughed and put his arm around her,""


"can i kiss you?" he asked suddenly.

she looked up rather shocked and he blushed,"im sorry. i dont know why i said that. i just opened my mouth and the words fell out. you dont have to if you d---"



she smiled,"yes you can kiss me."

he smiled and turned his head to kiss her....

"hey frack! catch!" aj said tossing amandas bag at him.

nick looked up in time to see the bag coming directly at him. he quickly caught it and glared at aj for ruining the moment. "thanks bone..."

aj smiled sweetly,"not a problem."

emma sighed and got up to put both amandas and fayes, who had just come out with kevin, stuff in the car.

" you want help?" amanda asked praying she would say no.

"no. i can do it...."

"are you su--hey!!!" she screamed as a snowball went down the back of her shirt. she turned around and saw aj looking innocently up at the sky. she glared at him and picked up a handful of snow. he looked over at her,"what are you gonna do with that....?"

"come here and ill show you."

"uh uh," he said and started to run off.

"no you dont!" she chased after him and grabbed the hood of his jacket. she pulled as hard as she could, pulling him down onto the ground. she smushed the snow around in his face,"so there!"

"no you dont!" he said grabbing her and pulling her down next to him. he reached for a handful of snow and she started to wiggle away.

"hey! stop moving!"

she laughed,"yeah right!"

"fine!" he said and started tickling her.

she screamed and started laughing, still trying to move away. finally aj had her pinned under him. he looked at her for a second and leaned forward to kiss her....

"okay guys! lets go!" kevin said clapping his hands to get everyones attention.

aj made a face and sat up pulling amanda to her feet. they walked back over to the jeep and he opened her door for her. she smiled and climbed in,"thanks."

he nodded and looked around. all the other couples were saying their goodbyes and giving each other goodbye hugs and kisses,""

she rolled her eyes,"aj..."


"just hurry up and kiss me."

he smiled and kissed her softly.

"okay guys, lets let them go," howie said after a few minutes.

the other guys nodded and stepped away from the jeep.

"call me when you get back!" faye yelled to kevin.

nick quickly kissed emma on her forehead and stepped back again,"ill see you for our date tonight."

she smiled and nodded. she glanced at the passenger side,"aj get your ass out the door so we can go..."

he stuck his tongue out at her,"fine fine." he closed the door and went to join the others.

emma started the jeep,"bye guys!" annabella called.

brian broke down into fake tears,"goodbye~~~~"

they all glanced at robin,"dont look at me. i didnt make him like that....that was his own doing..."

the girls laughed, waved good bye, and headed out of the resort.

nick rolled his eyes and tried to console brian as they headed to his car. the other three boys followed behind.

"so guys...did i have a good idea with this vacation or what?" kevin said.

aj rolled his eyes,"yes kev, your a genius."

kevin beamed and got in his car. aj glanced at howie and opened his mouth. howie shook his head,"dont ruin the moment. we had a perfect vacation. lets keep it that way."

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