one year later

"im hungry~~~ i want to sit down~~~ i need a drink~~~" ria whined.

asia gave her a look,"EVERY SINGLE TIME."

"nuh uh. last time i ate before we came so i was only thirsty and needed a seat that time," ria said smiling proudly.

asia rolled her eyes,"shut up."

ria stuck her tongue out at her,"meanie."

"big baby."

"hello girls."

they both looked up to see leighanne standing in front of them. asia smiled and hugged her,"hey, are they here yet?"

"nope. about five more minutes," she said hugging ria.

"k. where do we go?"

"come on," leighanne said. she led them down a small hallway into a big office with a huge conference table surrounded by chairs.

asia and leighanne sat down while ria wandered around looking out the windows and looking for things to play with.

"hello ladies."

asia glanced up and smiled,"hi kev. is nick...?"

"hey princess."

she glanced past kevin and saw nick. she shrieked, ran up to him, and threw her arms around him.

he laughed and hugged her tightly,"i missed you."

"i missed you too poohbear."

aj made a gagging sound and ria smacked him in the head,"leave them alone."


aj pouted and rubbed his head,"is that how you greet your boyfriend?"

he pouted even more,"even after six months?"

ria looked thoughtful for a moment then kissed him on the cheek.

aj smiled,"much be-ow~~" he said as she smacked him on the head again.

nick rolled his eyes and sat down with asia. he held her hand and kissed her on the cheek,"thanks for coming."

she smiled,"well i know how important this is to you. plus, i didnt want to wait until our date tonight to see you."

he smiled and kissed her hand.

"okay, all the children settled?" kevin asked after everyone had found a seat.

brian rolled his eyes,"yes father."

"good. now, the reason for this meeting is to check out possible new artist for our la--"

"kevin we know, lets just start meeting them,"howie said.

"okay okay." he pressed a button on an intercom and told the secretary to send the first person in.

nick glanced at asia,"so have you been shopping?"

she smiled and nodded,"im almost done with the important stuff."

he smiled,"good."

a few minutes later the door opened and the first artist walked in.

aj and ria looked up at the same time and both burst out laughing.

kevin glanced up and raised an eyebrow slightly,"hello mandy. what are you doing here?"

"oh...well im just looking for a new label. i wasnt really happy with the old one."

"didnt the old one drop her?" ria whispered to howie.

howie tried not to laugh and shushed her.

mandy glanced at nick and smiled,"hi."


she noticed ria and asia and made a face,"why are they here?"

aj glared at her,"ria is my girlfriend."

nick held up asias hand to show mandy the ring on her finger,"and asia is my fiancee."

"your what?!"

"you heard me. fiancee, soon to be wife. your welcome to the wedding if you would like," he said trying his best not to laugh.

mandys face turned red, she glared at asia and nick and stormed out of the office.

ria smiled,"and hopefully that is the last we see of her."

brian smiled a big cheesy grin,"and they finally live happily ever after."