Chapter 4

nick faintly heard voices but couldnt exactly figure out where they were coming from. his vision was slightly blurred too. a few moments later everything started to come into focus.

"hes awake...."

brian went over to him,his eyes slightly red,"nick....?"

nick nodded.

"you okay? you hit the floor kinda hard."

"im fine. hows emma? did they fix what went wrong?"

they all glanced at each other. aj had amanda in his arms and was rubbing her back. kevin walked over to the bed,"they couldnt frack, im sorry."

"what do you mean they couldnt...thats their job..."

kevin sighed,"i know but they just couldnt...."

nick looked up at him pleadingly,"please dont tell me shes dead."

kevins eyes started to tear up and he looked down. nick looked at howie who was staring at his hands. finally he looked at brian,"...frick...?"

"im sorry frack. im so sorry."

"no, not my baby. she wouldnt do that to me," nick mumbled to himself. he pulled his knees to his chest and started to rock himself.

amanda glanced at him and burst into tears. aj sighed,"im gonna take her home," he said leading her out of the room.

howie walked over to nick,"...nicky...."

"dont call me that. emma is the only one allowed to call me that.

howie sighed and glanced at kevin.

kevin gently touched nicks shoulder,"nick, you need to go home and get some rest...."

he looked up at him, his face streaked with tears,"she told me she loved me. that was the last thing she told me."

"she did frack, with all her heart."

he looked back down and hugged his knees to his chest,"she said she loved me but she never told me good-bye."


nick felt someone shaking him. he opened his eyes and looked up to see brian standing next to him. it took him a minute to register where he was and he quickly sat up,"what happened?! did she wake up?!"

brian sighed and shook his head.

suddenly it all came flooding back to him,"omg...shes dead. frick i lost my angel..."

"nick...what are you talking about? shes not dead. shes in a coma, shes not dead...."

nick glanced at emma and saw everything how it was before he was pushed out of the room,"but...."

brian sighed,"im gonna get you some coffee. do you need anything else?"

nick shook his head, rather confused. nick pulled his chair closer to the bed and took a deep breath,"i swear we already did this....okay...i read somewhere once where they said, if you talk to someone in a c...coma...they can hear you so im gonna try it with you."

he felt her hand move slightly in his,"oh god, please no. not now. not before i get to say goodbye."

her hand continued to move but he realized she was making an effort to squeeze his hand. his eyes widened slightly,"baby please wake up. please. just so i can look in your eyes and know everything is going to be okay...please...."

she kept trying to squeeze his hand. finally she managed to open her eyes. she stared at the ceiling blankly. she tried to figure out where she was. she looked at the ceiling, the walls, and the one thing that she knew would always be there.

she opened her mouth but no sounds came out.

nick started to cry slightly but managed to smile,"....hi...."

she managed to pull on his hand slightly. he leaned forward and rested his ear next to her mouth.

what she said came out very quietly and almost inaudible but it was all that nick needed to hear,"....its.....okay....."

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