Chapter 3

nick took a deep breath,"do you remember the day i asked you out? it was at that pool party i had a few years back. i know you think it was that bathing suit that got me but it wasnt, you know what it was? when you handed me my birthday present and told me you loved me. i know you would tell me that all the time but for some reason, that time just felt different. thats the minute i knew i had to be with you as more than just my best friend."

he held her hand between both of his and continued to speak,"do you remember our first date....? that was weird. it was like we didnt even know each other..."


"frick im so nervous and i dont know why," nick said running his fingers through his hair for about the 30th time in the past 10 minutes.

"because its emma. shes your best friend and your always wanting to do whats best for her, this time its for a different reason," brian said.

nick glanced at him,"when did you get so smart?"

"my dear child, ive always been like this."

"yeah, youve always been...special...."

aaron walked into the room looking rather pouty,"emmas here."

brian glanced at him,"whats wrong airboy? usually your thrilled to see emma."

"shes acting funny," aaron said. "and she smells funny too. all girly and stuff."

brian sighed dramatically,"i think its time we talk about the birds and the bees little man."

"um no, you are NOT having that talk with my brother," nick said. he put on his bucket hat and went downstairs. he saw emma standing in the family room talking to his mom and started to blush a little. he walked over to the two of them.


emma looked up and blushed,"hi...."

" ready to go...?"

she nodded and he took her hand,"we'll be back late mom."

jane smiled and nodded,"have fun kids."

"bye jane."

"bye mom."

nick led her out to his car, helped her in and got in on his side. he leaned over to lock her door and smelled her perfume,"strawberries," he mumbled to himself.


"huh? oh nothing....your perfume...."

"oh...well...i know you like this one and everything...."

he nodded,"...yeah..."

he started the car and headed off. they sat there silently for a good 15 minutes.

"nick this is stupid, stop the car."


"stop the car."

nick pulled over to the side of the road,"whats wrong?"

"this. whats going on. i dont mean the date. i mean how were acting. we have never been this uncomfortable with each other and its stupid that we are now."

nick sighed,"i know but i dont know how to fi---"

"i do," she pulled him towards her and gently kissed him.

nicks eyes widened slightly in shock but then started to close as he realized this was what he wanted. after about a minute emma finally pulled back from him.

"wait...why did you stop...."

she started laughing,"when you earn it, you get the rest of that kiss."

he pouted and started the car up,"meaniehead."

emma smiled to herself knowing from then on everything would be fine.


nick smiled to himself,"and i got the rest of my kiss. i think that was the most fun ive ever had on a date but i always have fun when im with you." he started to frown,"thats why you cant leave me. we arent done having fun yet. were supposed to get married and have kids remember? if you leave me now, i dont think i can ever fall in love with anyone else. no, i know cant. i can never have what i have with you and i dont want to lose what i have with you, not ever."

nick suddenly felt her hand move in his. but it felt wrong. she wasnt squeezing his hand. she was shaking. he looked at her and saw her entire body was starting to shake. the machines were all starting to beep alot faster than he thought they should.

all at once the doctors raced into the room and pushed nick out of the way.

"shes crashing!"

"her heart rate is falling!"

"someone get him out of here!"

one of the doctors pushed a stunned nick out of the room and slammed the door shut. nick didnt see anything but the floor as he fainted.

Chapter 4