Chapter 2

*~*~*~*~*four years before*~*~*~*~*~*

"hey nicky, guess what i bought?" emma asked skipping into the room, her hands behind her back.

nick rolled his eyes,"probably more clothes that you dont need. you know your parents are going to kill you, as much as you use that credit card. i believe they told you it was for emergencys only."

"this is an emergency. i needed a new bathing suit to wear to your pool party tomorrow. now do you want to see or dont you~~~?" she whined.

nick laid down on the bed and covered his head with a pillow,"stop whining~~~ how did you get in my room anyways?"

emma climbed on the bed and sat on his stomach,"you silly boy, you know your mom always lets me up here."

"im gonna have to talk to her about that."



"my bathing suit~~~~"

"fine fine. let me see what you bought."

she held up the two piece, forest green bathing suit,"cute huh?"

"i guess. now get off my stomach. your heavy."

"shut up big butt," she said climbing off his stomach and running out the room.

"big butt?!" he jumped off the bed and ran after her. next afternoon

emma sat on the bed and flipped through a magazine,"are you ready yet nicky? this is your party. you should be downstairs entertaining."

"i know but i dont want to go out there in just my shorts...." he said from the bathroom.

emma sighed and went to the door,"you decent?"

"uh huh."

she opened the door and walked in. his jaw dropped,"your not...."

she was wearing the bathing suit and pair of black shorts,"oh be quiet. now whats the problem? i think you look cute without a shirt. i get to see your tummy and you know thats my fav part of you."

he pouted,"i thought you liked my eyes...."

she rolled her eyes,"nicky...."

he sighed,"but people are gonna make fun of me and say im fat. even if i do wear a shirt to cover up my stomach."

"but your not fat and i love your tummy and since im your best friend, my opinion is the only one that matters. now come on," she said grabbing his hand and pulling him out of the bathroom.


she stopped,"what now?"

"gimme a kiss."

she rolled her eyes and kissed him on the cheek,"now lets go."


nick felt someone shaking him. he opened his eyes and looked up to see brian standing next to him. it took him a minute to register where he was and he quickly sat up,"what happened?! did she wake up?!"

brian sighed and shook his head, motioning to emma still lifeless in the bed. nick sighed and brushed a stray hair out of her face.

"i just wanted to see if you want me to get you anything from the caf. coffee or anything."

nick nodded,"please. did they say i could stay all night?"

he nodded,"hey. what were you dreaming about?"

"huh? oh..." he started to smile,"that pool party i had a couple of years ago. remember the one...emma had on that bathing suit...."

brian smiled,"the day you asked her out."

he smiled and nodded. his eyes drifted back over to the bed and his face slowly started to crumble.

brian sighed and rested his hand on his back,"im gonna get your coffee. ill be back in a bit."

nick nodded, not taking his eyes off of emma,"thanks."

brian nodded and left the room

nick pulled his chair closer to the bed and took a deep breath,"okay...i read somewhere once where they said, if you talk to someone in a c...coma...they can hear you so im gonna try it with you."

he looked up at the ceiling, silently pleading,"please let this work...."

Chapter 3