Chapter 1

emma glanced at her watch then looked over at nick leaning over the soundboard talking to aj,"nicky...."

nick looked up,"yeah?"

"i gotta go home. you wanna walk me out?"

he nodded,"just a sec."

emma stood up and put her jacket on.

"why do you have to leave?" amanda asked.

emma smiled,"im planning something for nicks birthday but shhh its a surprise."

amanda rolled her eyes,"is it a girly type surprise?"

"if you mean romantic, yes."

"ewww, freaks."

"no my dear, you would be dating the freak."


nick came over and put his arm around her waist,"dont forget your umbrella. frick said its raining really hard now."

she nodded and picked up her umbrella,"bye guys, see ya tomorrow."

the guys and amanda all chorused,"see ya."

"wait up, i wanna see how bad it is," brian said slipping his jacket on.

the three of them headed outside of the studio. nick opened the door for emma and she walked out,"damn...i cant even find the car from here...."

nick looked up at the sky,"i dont think it plans on stopping anytime soon. why dont you just wait until were done and you can come in my car. i dont like you driving alone in this weather."

emma rolled her eyes and glanced at brian,"nicky, ive driven in rain plenty of times. ill be fine."

nick sighed,"okay but be REALLY careful and call me as soon as you get home so i know your there safely."

"yes daddy, anything else?"

"yeah, gimme a kiss," he said poking out his lips.

"ewww...." brian said scrunching up his nose.

emma smiled and gave him a quick kiss on the lips,"you get the rest of that later."

"i do...?"

"yup but its a surprise so i gotta go."

"k," he gave her a quick kiss on the cheek,"bye baby, love you."

she smiled,"love you to. bye bri," she gave him a kiss on the cheek. she opened her umbrella and headed out into the parking lot.

"you guys are so gross and mushy," brian said making a face.

nick rolled his eyes,"like you and leighanne arent?"

"not half as bad as you two."

nick put his arm around brians shoulders as they headed back into the studio,"thats the jealousy talking frick."

"jealous? of wh---" he was cut off by the shrill screech of tires. he jumped slightly and turned around,"what the fuck was that?!"

nick turned around,"i dunno, ma--" his eyes widened as he surveyed the almost empty parking lot,"omg...emma!!!"

he ran out into the parking lot over to emmas crumpled body. he knelt down and gently cradled her in his arms. she was laying rather awkwardly on the ground there was blood slowly coming from her mouth.

brian raced over to him,"omg...."

nick started shaking,"call an ambulance...please..."

brian nodded and raced back into the building.

nick started to gently rock emma,"baby please be okay. have to be okay. i dont know what i would do if you werent here with me."


the four guys and amanda sat in the hospital waiting room impatiently waiting for news on emma, while nick paced back and forth chewing on his nails, crying silently. kevin was trying to contact her parents, aj was trying to console amanda, and howie and brian were trying to figure out what they were supposed to tell the small group of fans that gathered outside the hospital. any news that any member of the backstreet boys was remotely near a hospital triggered a panic attack on the fans.

the doctor approached them and cleared his throat. nick looked up and raced over to him. he had to restrain himself from shaking the man,"well.....?"

he sighed,"i wont lie to you mr. carter. it doesnt look good right now. shes in extremely critical condition. there is massive internal bleeding and slight bleeding in her skull."

"oh god..." nick mumbled, feeling his legs go weak.

kevin caught him before he hit the floor and held him up,"can anyone see her?"

the doctor sighed,"usually for people in her condition we dont allow it but i will allow mr. carter to see her and ONLY him. if we can get her stabilized, the rest of you will be allowed in there but for right now hes the only one allowed in there."

howie thanked the doctor and turned to nick,"go on nick. she needs you right now."

nick nodded but still felt a bit weak,"...kev..."

"yeah, come on frack," he said helping him down the hall to emmas room. they stopped in front of the door,"can you go in by yourself? i dont want to risk getting in trouble and you not being able to see her."

nick nodded,"thank you." he silently opened the door to the room and walked in. he made it to the bed and collapsed in chair beside it. he looked at emma and started to cry all over again. you couldnt tell just by looking at her that there was any of those things the doctor had said wrong with her but nick knew. she didnt look like his angel anymore, she looked broken.

he gently took her hand, careful not to disturb any of the machines around her," it possible to die of a broken heart....?" he asked, more to himself then to emma.

Chapter 2