"im going down to the basketball courts," robin said digging through her suitcase for her baseball hat.

emma rolled her eyes,"were up at this SKI lodge and your going to play ball?"

"yup. anyone coming?" she asked pulling her hat out and putting it on.

the other four girls shook their heads. amanda elbowed faye and whispered,"she knows this is just gonna make her think about alan..."

faye sighed and sat down on the couch. emma pulled out her baby blue ski jacket,"what do you guys think?"

annabella made a face,"i think you need to stop dressing like randall."

emma stuck her tongue out at her and robin rolled her eyes,"ill see you guys later." she grabbed her ball and started to head out of the room.

annabella cleared her throat and robin turned around, an exasperated look on her face,"what belle?"

"dont give me that look." she picked up the hotel directory,"do you even know what floor to go to?"


annabella rolled her eyes,"third floor."

she turned to leave again. "be back in two hours so we can all go eat together."

"yes mama, can i go now?"

amanda made a face,"yes smartass."

robin smiled sweetly and headed downstairs. she got to the gym, found the courts and started to play. about 15 minutes later she sat down on the bottom row of the bleachers to take a rest.

"your really good."

she jumped slightly and looked up,"oh...thanks."

"sorry, i didnt mean to scare you. im brian."

robin laughed and nodded,"i know. im robin."

brian laughed,"sorry. i forget a couple people know my name."

"oh, im sure its more than a couple people." she picked up her basketball,"you want to play?"

he nodded and took of his ski jacket,"your not gonna cry when i kick your butt are you?"

"oh funny littrell." she checked the ball to him,"i should be asking you the same."


45 minutes later they collapsed on the gym floor, tired and out of breath. "damn girl, you wore me out," brian said wiping his forehead with the bottom of his tshirt.

she laughed,"i guess i forgot to mention im at school on a basketball scholarship."

he made a face and mimicked,"'i guess i forgot to mention im at school on a basketball scholarship.' yes, you did ."

she smiled sweetly and stood up. "come on...lets got to the snackbar and get something to drink,"she said pulling him to his feet.

he grabbed his jacket and they headed out of the gym and down to the snackbar. "so whats a big famous rockstar like you doing up here?" robin asked.

he laughed,"wow...never been called a 'big famous rockstar' before."

she laughed,"well you know what i mean. are you filming a video or something?"

he shook his head,"nope, just here for a vacation."

she laughed again. "all of you are vacationing together?" she asked as they entered the snackbar.

"well kinda," he said. he grabbed two bottles of water, paid for them, and handed robin one.

she took the bottle,"thanks. your a very vague man, arent you?"

he smiled sweetly,"what about you? why are you up here?"

"uh uh, im not tellin~~." she said and stuck her tongue out at him.

he laughed,"fine fine. ill tell you. you first though."

they founded somewhere to rest and sat down. "well...im here with four of my other friends. just to get away from problems."

"do you mind if i ask what kind of problems?"

she shook her head,"lets see, theres joshua, noah, randall, anthony, and my personal fav, alan."

brian nodded,"pretty much the same problems we have. ours were mandy, katherine, jasmine, angelica, and samantha."

robin nodded and took a sip of her water,"so then basically we all came up here in hopes of forgetting?"

he nodded,"do you mind if i ask what happened?"

she shrugged,"i really dont know what happened. my guess is that we just got tired of each other. what about you?"

he laughed slightly,"i really dont know what happened either. everything was fine up until a couple of days ago and then....i dont know..."

"we dont have to talk about it," she said seeing the slightly pained look in his eyes.

he shook his head,"maybe its a good idea if i do. i just dont want to bore you cause its a really long story."

she glanced at her watch,"well ive got an hour before i have to meet my friends."

he sighed and thought,"here goes nothing." as he started to tell his story.

"well everything was going really well, at least i thought it was. we met about six months ago and of course it was all over the teenybopper magazines. anyways, like i said, it was going really well. i mean, we had even talked about getting married. but then i dont know what happened...."

*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*(wavy flashback dream sequence thing)~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

"can i please speak to sam?" brian said with a sigh.

"just one moment please," said the voice on the other end.

nick glanced at him,"dude, whats wrong with you?"

brian sighed again,"i have to cancel another date because of rehearsals."

nick shrugged,"its not like its something you can control. besides, sam will understand, it IS your job."

"i know but someti--"


"oh hey, its me," brian said.

samantha sighed,"hey. whats up?"

"um...well i have to tell you something but i dont want you to get mad at me okay....?" nick rolled his eyes and went into the other room.

samantha sighed and dropped her pen on the desk,"what is it now brian? another signing? maybe a special guest appearance...no wait, let me guess...your going to the studio to record."

he frowned,"im sorry sam. i cant help it when stuff like that comes up. its my job."

"whatever brian, whats your excuse this time?" she said a bit rudely.

"....we have rehearsal..."

she laughed slightly,"fine brian. go to rehearsal. have fun with the guys," she said and slammed the phone down.

brian flinched and hung up. he got up and went into the rehearsal hall where the guys were lounging around, taking advantage of the short break fatima had given them. nick came over to him,"what did she say?"

"say? she didnt say...just slammed the phone down in my ear."

"oooh, thats way harsh. but dude, theres nothing you can really do about it."

brian sighed for about the 50th time that night,"i know i know. lets just get to work and hopefully it will distract me."

brian glanced at his watch as he parked at the movie theater. exactly 2:15, on time for the first time in his life. he grabbed the small bouquet of flowers sitting on the passenger seat and got out. he headed towards the front of theater, avoiding any puddles left from the previous nights rain. he had spent most of the night before and that day apologizing to samantha and had finally gotten her to agree to meet him at the movie theater. he bought the tickets for the movie they were going to see, toy story 2, she had been wanting to see it since the day they had announced they were making it.

he nervously paced the front of theater waiting for her to show up. five minutes went by, then ten. finally at 2:45 brian decided to go in and save their seats. he had seen the line of people purchasing tickets and new if he wanted to get a good seat he would have to beat the little 11 year olds to it. she knew what time the movie started to he was pretty sure she would just meet him inside.

he handed the movie attendant his ticket and explained to her to just let samantha in. she was eager to comply seeing as how brian littrell, THE backstreet boy, had given her a hug.

he made his way down the hall into the large theater. he found a seat directly in the middle, samantha always favored the middle, and made himself comfortable. he looked around at all the people coming into the theater, mostly mothers dragging in five loud, overly hyper kids at a time. he smiled and waved to a little blonde girl who had waved to him. she blushed and cautiously made her way over to him,"hi.." she said shyly.

he smiled sweetly,"hi."

"um..can i have your autograph?" she asked holding up a piece of paper and a pen.

he smiled and took them from her,"whats your name sweetie?"

she blushed and looked down,"katrina."

"k," he wrote out her name, a short message, and signed it. "here you go," he said handing her the paper.

she smiled,"can i give you a hug?"

he smiled and nodded. she leaned forward and hugged him, her little arms just barely reaching around him. she smiled and said,"thank you," before going back over to her mom.

he smiled and turned around just in time to see a couple sit down directly in front of him. "great," he mumbled, trying to see over the guys head.

he was about to get up and move over when he heard the guys date giggle. he froze in his tracks. he knew that giggle, he had heard it countless times. it was samanthas giggle.

he leaned forward to tap her on the shoulder just as the guy leaned in to kiss her. he had to hold himself back from hitting the guy. he quietly picked up the bouquet and left the theater, not realizing he had brushed against samantas back.

she glanced up just as he was walking out and her eyes widened. she hastily told her date she would be right back and raced out after brian. she hurried out of the theater and saw him heading towards the parking lot.

"brian! wait!"

he stopped but didnt turn around. she walked a little closer,"can i explain?"

he laughed slightly,"yeah, i'd love to see you dig yourself out of this one."

she sighed,"look brian, you cant really blame me okay. what am i supposed to do? just sit at home pining away for you?"

his eyes widened and he turned around to face her,"how dare you turn this around on me! i wasnt the one in there making out with someone else!"

"dont yell at me brian," samantha said, her voice remaining steady.

"you really dont get it do you?! YOU were the one cheating on ME! i have every right to yell!" he said his voice getting louder and louder.

she looked around,"brian, your making a scene. lets go inside and talk."

he laughed and shook his head,"are you crazy? im not going anywhere with you, ever. and take back your ring," he said taking it off and throwing it at her, not really meaning to but hitting her in the forehead. "real gold doesnt turn your finger green," he said walking off and dropping the flowers in a puddle.

"brian, if you walk away from me right now, its over."

he stopped and turned around. he smiled sweetly, waved, got in his car and drove off.

*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*(end of flashy dream sequence thing)*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

"...and so i havent seen her since then," he finished with a sigh.

"wow..." robin said taking it all in.

"yeah, so thats my sad pathetic story."

she shook her head,"no. she deserved what she got. didnt she know that was going to happen? i mean the part about you not being around as much as a regular boyfriend?"

"i thought she did but i guess i was wrong..."

robin glanced at her watch and stood up,"i should get going."

brian glanced at his own watch and nodded.

"um...it was nice meeting you. i hope you guys have fun the rest of this weekend."

"wait...um...were gonna go out and celebrate howies bday at the end of the week. do you...um...want to come...?"


he nodded. she smiled,"yeah, i would love to."

he smiled,"cool. can i walk you to your room?"

she nodded and they headed to the elevators and up to the girls room. brian walked her to the door.

"hey, let me give you the number to our room and maybe we can do something tomorrow," brian said.

"okay," she handed him a pen and piece of paper. he scribbled the guys room number down and handed it back to her.

he smiled,"ill see you tomorrow."

"yeah, we can play another game."

he smirked and this time,"im gonna be the one kicking your butt."

she laughed,"dream on littrell." he smiled and waved. she smiled and went into her room.

"okay, its scary when im the one on time and im talking to myself...." she said heading into the bathroom to shower. "i wonder what the other girls did today...."