NOTE: im not gonna diss britney. her costumes were ALL very decent and the show rocked. okay now on to the review.

i went with two of my friends, courtney and jerry. they had actual seats but since i waited till the last minute(a week before the show) i ended up on the lawn. so anyways, we got to the venue at about 7:00 and the show was going to start at 7:30. im glad we got their early cause there was SO much traffic to get through. so anyways, we got in the venue at about 7:10. as we were walking up to the gates i could hear someone performing...turns out it was nobodys angel on a side stage so i was just a BIT upset that i had missed them but i still had aaron and brit to look forward to. so we went and bought all the stuff we wanted. courtney got a shirt and a key ring and i got the program and a tshirt with all the tour dates, its got the cover of the cd on the front. after we did that we split up and i headed off to find a seat on lawn. it was actually really easy since it was only one person and im a small person i was able to wiggle between people and ended up in the front.

opening acts:

okay well the first act was this girl i think her name was mikalia, im not sure if i thats the correct spelling or not. she was okay but i mean, im not about to run out and buy her cd. she basically sounds like mariah carey, extra(annoying) riffs at the end of the song included so i didnt really pay any attention to her. so she left the stage and they dropped the curtain so aarons curtain was up now.

lol the girls i was standing next to were SO excited about him, well actually so was i so ill shut up. slam, britneys drummer, came out and introduced him then his dancers came out(2 guys, 2 girls) and finally aaron. im telling you right now, im absolutely in love with this little boy and i dont care that im 8 years older than him. hes matured SO much since touring with bsb in '98. this is my opinion, i know a few peeps who disagree, but i think his voice has improved SO much and hes a REALLY good dancer, unlike his slightly rythemless brother(sorry nick but its true boo. deal with it). so anyways he performed, let me see if i can remember the order "i want candy" , "tell me what you want", and my personal favorite "aarons party(come get it)" i wanted him to do "bounce" but oh well. so after he finished, ateens came out. im not really a big fan of theirs. they opened last year for nsync and it wasnt that great. they did a little more dancing this time around but they were a little off count. lol i know that sounds mean but it was noticeable.


about a half hour after the opening acts finished slam came out again to hype the crowd up. thats when he dropped the britney milk banner(if youve seen backstage with britney you know which one im talking about) then he went backstage again. while we were waiting they played behind the scenes stuff from both the milk ad shoot as well as the herbal essence shoot. finally at about 9:20 all the lights went out and the screaming went UP.

the show started with a video of this futuristic girl(britney, robot voice) talking about the "britney spears experience". it was pretty cool cause everything she would say, she would tie a song title in with it. i cant remember all of the songs she said but im guessing they were the ones britney was gonna perform. so after the screen went blank this like, sliver orb thing floated onto the stage. her stage is very simliar to nsyncs btw. the orb opened up on the top of the steps and britney came out. its really hard to describe what she was wearing so i wont even try.

her first song was "crazy"(of course) she didnt do any of the dance breaks in it so it was pretty much a regular version of the song. after that she sang "stronger", then "what u see is what u get". now i was expecting a pretty normal show but i think this song was dedicated basically to the male portion of the audience. lol this number included britney taking of parts of her costume(she was still fully clothed cause the parts she took off werent really covering much) and dancing with a pole wearing a cowboy hat and wiggling that big ghetto booty of hers. lol the guys behind me throughly enjoyed that. after she finished that she sat down with the band and sang "from the bottom of my broken heart" which was REALLY pretty live. btw, she sang the entire concert, no lipsyncing. if you dont belive me, kiss my butt cause i dont care =. so she finished that song and went backstage to change.

now the animatronic britney came back to announce there was going to be a game called "what would you do to meet britney?" they had picked four people out of the audience and each person would have to do something different. now before i continue i have to add this. when the show started i looked back around the lawn and it was COMPLETELY covered with people. i had been to the same venue the year before to see nsync and it wasnt nearly as crowded but i figured san bernardino had ALOT of britney fans. anyways, the back-up singers kiley and natalie explained the game and then said "now heres some special guest to tell you what to you'll have to do" and no other than nsync pops up onto the scream. i later found out that people heard nsync was making a special appearance and i think thats why the lawn was so crowded. anyways, they came back up four times to tell each person what they would have to do. there were three guys and one girl. the girl won, i dont know why cause she shouldnt have, the guy who flopped on the floor like a fish should have won but oh well. so after the game ended britney came out in white pants and a baby t with a cat on the front and took a picture with the girl and told her she hoped she enjoyed the show.

the next song britney performed was "born to make you happy". she did this on the set that she uses for lucky, the bed and dressing table and everything. this was a pretty cool part of the concert cause she did a whole little salsa dance break. after that song she performed "lucky" which the audience LOVED. then she sang "sometimes" which started off cute cause all the dancers were banging on the bedroom door telling her to come out and hang out with them. after that she sang "dont let me be the last to know". okay this was like my fav part of the show because she was wearing like this glittery, furry robe that had a train that went ALL the way down the stairs. before she sang the song she gave this little speech about how happy she was to be there with us and how happy it made her to see everyones smiling face. i swear i thought the girl was going to burst into tears. after she did that she went backstage and changed REALLY quickly into this purple bodysuit. not my fav costume but my friends thought it was cute. actually she came out wearing the catsuit but over it she had on this HUGE multicolored jacket that looked kinda like a kimono and this huge black sunglasses and performed "the beat goes on". okay the reason for the huge coat, she was in a harness so it raised her up and the coat spread out to make this really cool effect.

after she finished that she took off the coat and performed "dont go knockin on my door" which had some really cool dancing. lol oh yeah, i forgot to mention, a couple of the songs she would let out this really cute squeaks during the chorus. i loved it cause it was totally unexpected. also for both "dont go knockin on my door" and "stronger" she had pre-taped like mini videos that would play on the monitors. so after she did that she did "satisfaction". this was a cool performance cause after she sang the song, the band started to play the original rolling stones music and britney and the dancers danced to that.

after that britney went to do a quick costume change and thats when the dancers were introduced. i love the way the introduced the dancers cause it gave them their own little time. the band played the music that britney usually uses when she does the dance break during baby one more time, at least the music she used on britney in hawaii, and each dancer got a turn to dance and their name would appear above them while they were dancing so you knew who they were. lol brandon would be the spikey haired blonde that EVERYONE seems to love and scream the loudest for. after that britney came back out and it was pretty obvious what she was gonna perform. she was sitting at a desk, had her hair in pigtails, white button down shirt, plaid skirt, and black knee socks. of course she did "baby one more time". lol you could pretty much tell she was gonna get naked cause the clothes covered up WAY too much of britney. sure enough after she sang the second verse she ripped off the shirt and took of the skirt. the outfit she had on underneat was adorable and for so reason i have the feeling ive seen her wear it before. it was a red tshirt with "10" on the front and a tan skirt that had a slit on the side. and all of the costumes, hers and the dancers, looked like they had been attacked with scissors so that looked pretty cool. then they busted out with yet another dance break. this time it was the one they usually do during crazy. "its britney spears baby, its britney woo woo!!"

lol after that she took her bows and her and the dancers disappeared. animatronic britney came back and told everyone that she hoped they enjoyed the britney spears experience but just as she was going to say good bye the screen shut down. then she popped back up and says "oops...i did it again" and of course, britney came out and sang her final song, her encore, oops.

after that the lights came back up but i stuck around cause britney did a really cool thing. on the monitors they were showing basically home videos/backstage footage of her and the dancers from rehearsals while they ran the credits of EVERYONE that worked on the show. after that i finally made my way off the lawn and went to meet my friends. lol and the same thing that happened at bsb, happened at britney. as we were leaving we walked by the concession stands i couldnt help myself, i ended up buying an 8x10 and a glow stick. lol leave me alone, im pathetic. so after that we finally dragged ourselves out of the venue, through the hell they call traffic, and back home to watch more britney.

so i just want say that this was like one of the best, if not THE best concert ive ever been to and ive been to a couple. if you ever get the chance, go to her show, shes a TRUE entertainer.