"oh no, uh uh. ive played truth or dare with you before. never again,"howie said.

"oh d, dont be such a chicken,"aj said.

"im not chicken. just smart."

"then play," nick said.

"you guys leave him alone,"faye said.

nick rolled his eyes,"fine, whatever."

"okay, ill start," aj said. "um...kevin, truth or dare?"


"aw man...um...when did you know you liked faye?"

kevin smiled and put his arms around faye,"the minute i saw her at that slumber party you guys had."

faye smiled and kissed him on the cheek.

"awww..." emma said.

"ewww..." nick and amanda said.

kevin rolled his eyes,"anyways...brian...truth or dare?"

"im not scared, dare."

"hmm...okay, is it raining out there yet?"

emma looked out the window,"not yet. its just really windy right now."

kevin smirked,"i dare you to run down the street naked."

brian stood up,"okay, fine."

"wait...someones gotta watch and make sure he does it."

"not me. bri, i love you but i have no desire to see you naked,"nick said.

"im not doing it," amanda said.

"emma why dont you do it...youve seen brian naked,"aj said.

"thats different....we were dating."

"aw em, just do it so we can torment the next person," kevin said.

"fine okay," she stood up and grabbed the blanket they had been using. "we'll be back in a bit," she said following brian out of the room.

"i cant believe hes really gonna do it..."faye said.

"i can," howie said. "i mean, this wont be the first time."

"it wont...?"

howie shook his head,"him and aj did the same thing one time we were in germany."

amanda raised an eyebrow,"oh really...."

aj gave howie a look and he smiled innocently,"what...?"


"um...i...uh...well we...hey look, their back," aj said as brian and emma came into the room.

"did he do it?" faye asked.

emma laughed and nodded,"yup and yelled the whole way down the street."

they sat down on the floor and brian put his arm around her,"man, its freezing out there but its worth it cause now its my turn...amanda, truth or da--"


brian made a face,"fine. was aj the only one of us you ever wanted to date?"

"well lets see...kev acts like my dad, you act like nick, and howie...well howie hes the type that you share everything with...i wouldnt date him cause i wouldnt want to ruin that."

howie blushed. "so wait...i was just left over...?" aj asked.

she rolled her eyes,"no aj. i do actually love you."

aj smiled and kissed her. "now its my turn...brian."

"i already told you, im not scared. dare."

"go next door, in your bunny costume of course, and get some halloween candy."

brian blushed and stood up,"fine. emma come with me?"

she nodded and stood up and followed him from the room. they returned a few minutes later with a shopping bag full of candy.

"here," brian said out of breath.

"oooh candy," aj said taking the bag.

"why are you so out of breath?" faye asked.

"it started raining so i had to run back."

"well thanks," amanda said taking a package of shocktarts out of the bag.

brian nodded,"my turn...nick."

"im not stupid...truth."

brian thought for a second,"okay, well its obvious that you like emma. youve liked her since you were 12. so why dont you stop fighting with her and ask her out?"

the entire room went silent.


"your kidding right? why the hell would i date her? shes selfish and stuck up and basically just a horrible person."

"nick, apologize," kevin said.

"no. its all true."

emma stood up. "well im sorry you think that," she said, her voice shaking. "and the whole time we were fighting i thought it was BOTH our faults. i guess i was wrong. it was all my fault. im sorry," she said and rushed out of the room. a minute later the front door slammed.

"why did you do that nick?" howie asked softly.

"i was just speaking the truth."

"im gonna go and find her,"brian said. he got up and quickly left in search of emma.

"i cant believe you!" amanda yelled. she walked over to him and slapped him across the face.

"whoa..." aj got up and quickly pulled her away from nick before she could kill him

"what the hell did you do that for?!" nick yelled.

kevin rolled his eyes,"she likes you nick."

"what? who?"

faye glared at him,"emma, nick. shes liked you since the day you met."

Chapter 4