"is nick gonna be at this stupid party?" emma asked as she straightened her black cape.

amanda rolled her eyes and put on her witches hat,"yes. he IS one of ajs best friends."

"then im not going. ill go to justins party. those boys are always happy to see me anyways."

faye rolled her eyes,"you already promised aj. now lets go. i want to see kevins costume. he said he would match me but wouldnt tell me what."

"how does one match an angel?"

faye shrugged,"i dunno. just put your fangs in and lets go."

"i already told you, im not going," emma said sitting on the couch and folding her arms.

amanda and faye glanced at each other. they each grabbed one of emmas arms and hauled her off the couch and out to the car. they shoved her in and got in. emma put her fangs in mumbling the whole time.

amanda sighed,"why cant you and nick just get along for one night?"

"cause hes stupid," emma said pouting.

"heaven forbid someone disagrees with the princess."

emma nodded,"exactly."

faye rolled her eyes,"look, just remember this isnt just a halloween party but kevs birthday party as well. so try to get along with nick for kevins sake."

emma sighed,"fine, ill try."

they got to the house and went up to the door. faye started to ring the doorbell but amanda stopped her,"he wont hear it. the door,"she opened the door and shook her head,"is probably unlocked."

the girls laughed and followed her inside. the front hallway was dark except for a few small candles and the house was totally silent.

"...where are they..." amanda mumbled.

"i didnt think this was supposed to be a haunted house..." emma whispered grabbing fayes arm.

"it wasnt..." amanda whispered back. "this is just ajs attempt at being cute and its SO not funny."

"hey guys...where are OMG LET ME GO!!" faye screamed as someone grabbed her around the waist.

amanda jumped and turned around,"BRIAN THOMAS LITTRELL YOU PUT HER DOWN NOW!!"

brian made a face and let faye go,"you guys are no fun."

faye turned around and smacked him,"and your an idiot."

brian laughed and rubbed his arm. "hey brian, where is everyone...?" emma asked.

he shrugged,"i guess no one wanted to come out because of the thunderstorm warning."

amanda rolled her eyes and turned on the lights so they would be able to see where they were going and the girls finally got a good look at brian.

"aww brian you look at adorable!!" both faye and emma said while amanda burst out laughing.

"omg!! your a grown man! why are you dressed as a bunny?!"

brian pouted,"im a rabbit...not a BUNNY."

"well i think you look cute,"emma said kissing him on the cheek.

"me too," faye said kissing him on the other cheek.

brian smiled and stuck his tounge out at amanda,"hey look...the bitch is a witch."

amanda smiled proudly and faye rolled her eyes,"wheres kevin and whats he dressed as?"

"im right here."

they all turned around and the three girls jaws dropped. kevin was wearing black and red spectators, red leather pants, a black sheer shirt with red flames up the side, red tinted glasses and had his hair streaked with red.

"...hello kevin..." amanda mumbled.

"...whoa..." was the only thing emma could say.

brian pouted,"hey...what about the cute bunny?"

"uh huh..." amanda mumbled again.

"wow..." faye said as she went over to kevin and gave him a kiss on the cheek,"you look..."

kevin smirked,"sinful."

amandas eyes widened and emma started to cough,"omg...."

"jeezus kevin..."

"what? whats wrong?" brian asked, slightly confused.

emma shook her head,"his tongue..."


faye looked like she was about to faint,"its pierced."

brian pouted,"man. i went from being the adorable bunny to being totally ignored." he turned tail and walked out of the room

"huh? yeah your still cute brian..." emma said.

"hey guys, when did you get here?" aj said coming downstairs.

amanda looked up,"dear god..."

aj smirked,"what? dont like my costume?" he was wearing black and white spectators, a black pinstripe suit, charcoal gray vest, black silk tie, gray tinted glasses, and on top of his head was a black hat tilted sideways with a red feather stuck in the side.

"no...its...nice..." amanda mananged to spit out.

aj looked her up and down. she had on a long black slip dress with a slit up each side, white contacts, and her witches had covering her now black hair,"so is yours..."

emma frowned realizing, once again, she would be left out of the discussion and walked into the kitchen. she grabbed a soda and went into the rec room where all the party food was. she saw howie talking to someone else but decided not to interrupt him and sat on the couch. she found the remote for the tv and turned it on, finding one of those cheesy halloween movies.

"i knew i shouldnt have come," she mumbled.

"hey em...wow you look good," howie said coming over and sitting beside her.

she was wearing black leather pants, a black tube top with red spiders on it, and a black cape. she fake smiled,"thanks. so do you. you make a cute musketeer."

howie smiled and took the remote from her and shut off the tv,"thanks. now whats wrong?"

"nothing, im fine."

"dont lie to me princess. you know im the one who can always tell."

she sighed,"its nothing, im just feeling a little left out. thats all. anyways...who was the guy you were talking to?"

"huh? oh that was n...wait why?"

"he was kind of cute."

howie tried not to smile,"come here. ill introduce you." he stood up, took her hand, and pulled her up off the couch and over to where the guy was standing talking to brian. "emma...this is nickolas..."

emma looked up and her eyes widened,"nick...?" she managed to squeak.

he was dressed similar to her. black leather pants, black sheer shirt, and black hair. the only difference was the new eyebrow ring he had.

nicks jaw dropped but he tried to cover it up,"why the hell are you wearing my costume?"

"YOUR costume?! last time i checked you werent born a vampire you damn idiot!"

brian rolled his eyes and walked away from them,"here they go..." he mumbled.

"ugh!! i hate being around you!" nick yelled.

"oh yeah! like being around you is a picnic!" emma yelled right back.

"hey! both you of you, shut up!" amanda yelled coming into the room.

"no!" they both yelled back.

amanda opened her mouth to yell again but kevin stepped into the room behind her. "if you ruin this party for me nick, im going to make rehearsal a living hell for you tomorrow," kevin said calmly.

nicks jaw dropped,"me?! she started it! shes wearing MY costume!"


"fine ill stop. jeez..."nick mumbled.

emma frowned and went over to howie. "you could have told me that was nick," she said hitting him in the arm.

"emma dont hit me. i just wanted to see how you would react if you didnt know it was him. im sorry," he said and hugged her.

"...when did he get his costume?"

howie shrugged,"yesterday i think, why?"

emma smiled,"cause i got mine last week so i was a vampire first."

howie rolled his eyes,"fine. now do you want to dance? its either me or roger rabbit over there," he said pointing to brian who was talking to tyke.

emma laughed,"okay. besides i think roger is busy."

howie smiled and put his arms around her. she sighed and rested her head on his shoulder,"i wish nick could be like you. then maybe i could get somewhere with him." howie was the only person that emma had ever told she had a crush on nick and had had a crush on him since the day they met.

howie sighed because nick had told him the same thing about emma.

*~*~*~*~*seven years earlier*~*~*~*~*

jane answered the front door and smiled,"hi girls. whats up?"

"hi jane. is nick home?" faye asked.

"yeah, hold on a second." she went to the foot of the stairs and called up to nick,"nick your friends are here to see you."

nick came to the front door wearing jeans, a tshirt, and his sneakers untied,"what do you want amanda? hi faye."

faye smiled,"hi nick."

"jeez...hi to you too squeaker. my mom wants me to take this pie over to the new neighbor. do you want to come with us?"

"we have a new neighbor?"

amanda rolled her eyes,"yes dork. are you coming?"

"me too. i want to go too."

nick turned around and saw his five year old brother coming over to him. nick picked him up,"aaron go ask mom if its okay for you to go okay?"

aaron nodded and jumped out of nicks arms. "mommy!!!" he yelled running into the kitchen.

faye laughed,"that kid is loud..."

nick turned around and bent down to tie his shoes. "OW!!" he turned around and glared at amanda,"why did you kick me?!"

"your butt was in the way."

"no it wasnt! shut up!"

"omg! it so was!"

aaron came back into the room through all this arguing and walked over to faye. she picked him up,"your brother is crazy," she whispered.

aaron nodded and played with her hair,"mommy said okay."


faye rolled her eyes,"lets go you guys."

they left the house and walked across the street to the new house. amanda rang the bell and tried to kick nick again.

"would you just leave me alone!"

faye sighed,"and would you two please grow up?"

"but i didnt do anything!!" amanda said.

"you kick..."nick started to say but his voice trailed off when the door opened.


faye smiled,"hi, were your neighbors. im faye, this is aaron, amanda, and nick."

"im emma...its nice to meet you."

aaron took his finger out of his mouth long enough to say,"your pretty."

emma blushed and smiled,"thank you. your adorable."

"this is for you guys from my mom," amanda said handing her the pie.

"oh thanks, do you guys want to come in?"

"we cant right now. we have to go somewhere with nick," faye said. "do you want to come over to my house tomorrow for lunch or something?"

emma smiled,"sure."

"okay, ill see you tomorrow then."

"bye you guys. thank you," emma said and closed the door.

"you didnt have to be so rude," amanda said to nick as they walked back over to his house. "you could have at least said hi."

nick was bright red and shook his head. faye glanced at him and set aaron down,"amanda i gotta talk to nick for a second. could you take aaron in?"

amanda nodded and took aarons hand,"lets go, my little blonde friend."

faye turned back to nick,"you like her huh?"


"you like her. dont lie to me...."

nick turned a little more red and nodded. faye smiled and put her arm around him,"well this is what we gotta do for you to get her attention...."

*~*~*~*~*Present Day*~*~*~*~*

"emma? hello~~"

emma looked up,"huh? what?"

howie shook his head,"just wondering where you went for a second."

"oh i was just thinking."

"oh okay. well you tell me if anything is wrong."

emma nodded and put her head back on his shoulder. the song on the stereo started to click on and off.

"what the hell...this is a new sound system..." aj said going over to the stereo.

"maybe the cd is scrat...whoa..." brian said as the lights flickered.

"what was that...." nick said.

"the power genius," emma mumbled.

"im gonna check the power box," kevin said.

"i dont think its the power box..." amanda said.

"then what...?" faye asked.

just then the entire house went black.

"that, my dear, would be a blackout," aj said.

{Chapter 2}