"OMG! could you guys PLEASE move a little faster?!" amanda yelled in frustration.

robin glanced up at her from her seat on the couch,"whats the hurry? the club is open until like 5 am."

"but i dont want to be standing in line outside for like an hour to get in because THOSE three cant move a little faster."

annabella came out of her room putting her coat on,"hey, just because you hate being a girl and it only takes you about a minute to get ready to go anywhere, doesnt mean the same rule applies to us."

amanda rolled her eyes and mimicked her,"well your not that bad belle. faye isnt even that bad. its princess emma that takes forever to get ready."

emma and faye came out of their rooms. "i resent that," emma said. "im always ready on time..."

her four friends looked at her with raised eyebrows. "...what...?"

robin stood up and put on her coat,"yeah, your 'always ready on time' is what made us late to prom."

"that wasnt me," she said as they headed out the door. "that was randall's fault. you know what a priss he is about his hair."

amanda rolled her eyes,"whatever, lets just go."


"ill be back you guys, im going to get a drink," aj said getting up from the small table and going over to the bar.

howie raised an eyebrow and glanced at the other guys,"should he be left unsupervised?"

"the way hes been feeling lately, he'll probably order the drink but not drink it," kevin said.

howie nodded,"yeah, thats true."

nick looked around the club, his eyes searching. brian rolled his eyes,"i dont think they have video games here frack."

"huh? oh...i wasnt looking..for video games..."

"your so full of it."

nick made a face,"fine. maybe i was looking for a video game. weve been here for about an hour and i can now say this is the most bor....hey...i know that girl..."

kevin looked over to where he was looking,"...what girl?"

"the one with the black tube toppy thing. i met her earlier while i was skiing."

"skiing, crashing. same difference. well go ask her to da...hey...thats faye..."

"and robin..."

"....and annabella..."

nick looked at the other three guys,"you know them too?"

they nodded and told him how they had each met. nick stood up,"im gonna go ask her to dance."

"im coming with you," brian said.

"me too..."

"and me...."

they got up and walked over to the girls.

emma glanced at amanda as nick took her hand and asked her to dance,"do you mind? i mean i dont want to leave you standing here alone..."

amanda shook her head,"no its fine. go on and dance with blondie."

nick made a face and pouted,"hey....i just met you and already your calling me names...."

amanda smiled sweetly and emma rolled her eyes,"amanda be nice."

"...i was..."

"well if she wants to dance, aj went over to sit at the bar. im sure he wouldnt mind," kevin said as him and faye passed by on their way to the dancefloor.

amanda shook her head,"no its okay. i think im just gonna go upstairs and play pool for a while. yes em, im sure," she said catching the look in her friends eye.

"okay, if you say so," emma said as nick pulled her onto the dancefloor.

amanda tried not to laugh as she watched nick dance and headed up to the second level of the club where all the pool tables were.

she picked up a cue and turned around a bit too quickly knocking into someone else.

"whoa..." aj said as some of his drink spilled over the side of the glass and onto his leopard print spectators.

"omg, im sorry!"

he laughed slightly and wiped off his shoes with a napkin,"its okay. no harm done."

"nice shoes...and shirt...and hat..." amanda said eyeing all three which all had leopard on it.

he smiled and nodded towards the pool table,"mind if i play?"

she shook her head and moved out of the way so he could get a cue.

he picked up a cue and set his drink down,"ladies first."

she smirked and leaned over to take her shot,"its only going to prolong me kicking your butt."

he raised an eyebrow,"keep dreaming sweetie."

she glanced at him,"amanda."


"my name is amanda, not sweetie."

"oh, sorry," he said leaning over to make a shot. "im aj."

she nodded and leaned against one of the high tables,"i know. my sister likes your group."

"what about you?"

"no, thats not my kind of music," she said looking down at her shoes.

he tried, not to smile,"oh, okay."

"so what are you doing out here?" amanda asked. "i mean besides getting your butt kicked at pool...by a girl."

"oh thats real cute...anyways, i came up here to escape my evil ex-girlfriend. what about you?"

"escaping an evil ex-boyfriend,"she said. she looked over the rail to see the dancefloor. she saw all her friends being mushy with the guys and made a face.

"mind if i ask what happened?"

she shook her head,"i was only dating joshua for like a half a year but i couldnt deal with him. hes only like three years older then me but he acted more like he was 53 instead of 23."

aj laughed,"im sorry."

amanda shrugged,"not your fault. so why was your girlfriend so evil?"

"she was cheating on me and i caught her."

"whoa...how did that happen? im sorry, i didnt mean to be so nosy."

"no its okay, the guys are sick of hearing it so i need to find a new victim...."


"would you guys shut up. im on the phone," aj yelled at nick at brian playing basketball.

they glanced at each other,"would you guys shut up. im on the phone," they mimicked simultaneously.

aj tried not to laugh,"you guys are such as--"


"oh hey jas, its me."

"hi me, whats up?" jasmine said.

he smiled,"nothing. just wanted to see if you wanted to go to dinner later."

"um...i dont think i can. i have to work late..."

"oh, okay. well ill talk to you tomorrow then,"he said laughing at nick and brian making kissy faces at him.

"okay and tell frick and frack to behave."

he laughed,"guys jasmine said to behave."

"hi jasmine!" they yelled in the direction of the phone.

she laughed,"hi boys."

"she said hi. okay, ill let you get back to work. just dont work too hard."

"i wont. talk to you tomorrow."

"okay, love you."

"love you too. bye,"she said and hung up.

he hung up the phone,"so ou guys want to go eat?"

"whose paying?" nick asked

aj rolled his eyes,"i am."

"okay, lets go," they both said.


aj wandered around the mall the next ay looking for the perfect gift for jasmine. he went into the toy store and looked around. he found the section that had all the winnie the pooh toys and went to find something for jasmine.

"...um...'scuse me..."

he turned around and smiled,"hi."

the little girl blushed,"hi...are you...um...are you aj...?"

he laughed slightly and nodded. she smiled,"can i have your autograph?"

he smiled,"sure." he took the paper and pen she handed him,"whats your name?"


"thats a pretty name," he said as he signed.

"you like pooh?" she asked eyeing the stuffed pooh bear he had under his arm.

"my friend does...i like tigger myself."

"me too. so does my little brother. do you want to meet him?"

he laughed,"sure."

"okay, ill be right back. he's with my mommy," she said and ran off to get her little brother.

he laughed and went back to finding a pooh bear he didnt think jasmine had yet.

"aj! aj!"

he turned around to see charisma coming towards him, struggling to carry her baby brother.

he smiled and took the baby from her,"hi..."

the baby let out a happy little shriek and kissed him on the cheek.

aj laughed,"whats his name?"


"well hi drew," he said shaking one of his tiny fists.

the baby giggled and kissed him again. aj laughed,"im glad you like me too."

charisma tugged on the bottom of his shirt,"i need to go back to mommy now."

"oh okay." he carefully handed the baby back to her. "it was nice meeting you two."

she blushed and went back to her mom.

he glanced at his watch and quickly picked out something for jasmine. he still had to get hame and change for their date.

he walked out of the store and quickly turned the corner and bumped into someone.

"omg! im sorry!" he quickly bent down to pick up the stuff that had fallen. he straightened up,"here you g...oh hey jas. what are you doing here?"

"oh...hey...um...just shopping..."she said glancing back over her shoulder.

"can i see what you bought?" he asked, trying to peek in the sasch bag in her hand.

she quickly pulled it out of reach,"its a suprise." she glanced over her shoulder again,"i need to go. get ready and everything...."

"you okay jas?"

"huh? oh yeah, im fine."

"there you are!"

they looked up to see another guy walk over and put his arm around jasmine.

she looked down and aj raised an eyebrow,"jas...who is this?"

she turned to the guy and whispered something to him. he nodded and walked away. jasmine turned back to aj but couldnt quite look him in the eye.

"jasmine, who was that?"

"he um...hes just a friend..."

aj sighed,"jasmine, dont lie to me."

"fine aj, what do you want to hear? you want to hear how much i hate you being in that stupid little group? how much i hate being ignored?"

"really? cause you didnt seem to hate it too much when you were coming with us to all those foreign countries. you know what jasmine...save it. i dont want to have anything to do with you ever again,"he said and walked towards the mall exit.

"bye aj."

aj looked up and managed to smile,"bye charisma, bye drew." he headed out the door but stopped and doubled back. he walked over to the little girl and knelt down in front of her. he handed her the bag with the pooh bear in it. "i know you dont like pooh but maybe you and drew can take care of this one for me...?"

she took the bag and nodded, wide eyed. he smiled and stood up. "thanks," he said and left the mall.


"so what happened with the girl?" amanda asked.

"she called and tried to work everything out. but i cant be with someone like that."

amanda nodded,"well she got what she deserved."

aj nodded and set his cue down. he held his hand out to her,"want to dance?"

"....you promise to keep all your clothes on?"

he smiled sweetly,"maybe..."

she sighed dramatically and took his hand,"i guess ill just have to trust you."

he smirked and led her down to the dancefloor.