amanda glanced at the clock and sighed. she got out of bed and knocked on the door connecting her room to emmas.

"go away!" emma yelled and stuck her head under the pillow.

amanda rolled her eyes and opened the door,"your usual cheerful self i see."

"ugh...what do you want? let me sleep~~~" she whined.

"uh uh. were leaving today and i see you havent packed yet and you probably have to help blondie pack too."

emma made a face and sat up,"aww man...."

"speaking of blondie, how was he last night?"

she sighed,"totally gone. i got him out of his clothes, put him in bed, and came to bed."

amanda nodded and opened her mouth to speak when the door opened and nick stumbled in wearing only his boxers. he crawled across the bed and laid down next to emma.

she glanced at amanda then nick,"morning nicky."

he mumbled,"morning."

amanda laughed,"haha blondie."

"emma~~ make her stop~~."

emma tried not to laugh,"amanda, go pack."

she laughed,"im gonna order breakfast. what do you want?"

emma shook her head,"nothing for me but coffee for him."

she nodded and left the room. emma glanced at nick and gently brushed the hair off his forehead,"how do you feel?"

"my tummy hurts."

"aww...poor baby," she said and started to rub his stomach.

"and my forehead really hurts.."

emma noticed the red mark on his forehead and tried not to laugh. "do you remember anything from last night?"

he thought for a second and shook his head. emma sighed and told him what had happened. he turned red, rolled over, and buried his face in the pillow.

emma laughed slightly,"sweetie, only me, aj, and amanda saw what happened. im not planning on telling anyone and i doubt they will."

"aww man..what if aaron saw me acting like that...."

"nicky, aaron was in his room playing video games with one of the dancers and tommy. trust me, you have nothing to worry about."

he sighed and rolled over,"if you say so."

she nodded and patted his stomach,"now get up. you need to shower and start packing. ill bring you some coffee when it comes."

he nodded, kissed her on the cheek and went to his room. emma got up and went to join amanda downstairs.

"so how are you liking it so far?" amanda asked joann.

the girls were sitting in the front of the bus talking while the guys were either taking naps or watching tv.

"its really fun. everyone is just like a great big family," joann said smiling.

faye smirked,"including a certain blue eyed blonde haired choir boy?"

joann blushed,"i have no clue what you mean..."

the girls laughed. "yeah, okay. thats why you were the only person brian talked to last night,"emma said.

joann smiled and looked down,"hes really nice."

"do you like him?" faye asked.

she blushed a little more and nodded. "good, then its our job to get you guys together."

joann looked up, her eyes wide,"its okay. you dont have to do that."

amanda laughed,"too late. shes like lucy, once she gets an idea, she runs with it."

"except unlike lucy, fayes plans usually work," emma said.

"so i pretty much have no say in this huh?"

the three girls looked at each other, back at joann, smiled and shook their heads.

joann laughed slightly,"fine, fine."

nick came over and sat down beside emma,"hey guys. amanda, aj needs to alk to you."

amanda blushed and glanced at him,"he does?"

nick nodded and put his arm around emma,"hes in the back lounge."

"um...okay. brb guys," she got up and headed to the back.

faye watched her then glanced at nick,"okay, whats going on?"

nick smiled and explained what aj wanted. faye smiled and "awwed" nick laughed,"whens our next rest stop?"

joann glanced at her laptop,"we'll be there in about two minutes."

amanda walked into the lounge,"...aj?"

aj jumped slightly and looked up,"oh...hey..."

" to talk to me?"

"um...yeah...i was wondering if maybe you wanted to be my date to brians birthday party...."

amanda looked at him and laughed a little,"your kidding right?"

aj felt like h had just been slapped," was just messing with you. sorry..." he brushed past her and out the bus at the rest stop they had just pulled up to.

nick watched him walk past,"aww crap. i need to talk to him." he got up and followed aj.

amanda came over to the girls,"are you guys staying here?"

they shook their heads and got up. "what happened?" joann asked.

"oh, aj was messing around and asked me if i wanted to be his date for brians bday party."

they walked off the bus. "so did you say yes?" emma asked.

amanda shook her head,"we just...well ijust kind of laughed."

the girls stopped. "omg, you idiot. he was serious,"faye said.

amandas jaw dropped,"he was? omg...i better go talk to him." she went over to howie and asked him if he had seen aj. he pointed to one of the benches. she took a deep breath and went over to the them. "...aj...?"

aj looked up then quickly looked back down. nick glared at her. she sighed,"nick, can i talk to him...please..."

nick said something to aj, got up, and went to see if brian wanted to play ball. amanda sat down across from aj. "aj, im really sorry. i honestly didnt believe you wanted to ask me out. i mean, ever since we met all we did was argue. i honestly didnt mean to hurt your feelings. im sorry." she got up and started to walk away.

"do you mean that?" she nodded. "then will you be my date?"

"are you sure...?" she asked.

"i wouldnt have asked if i wasnt sure."

she smiled slightly,"then yes."

he smiled,"good. brb...i need to go tell nick not to hate you."

she laughed and nodded. he kissed her on the cheek and went to find nick, leaving her standing there. shocked and blushing.

{Chapter 10}