"wheres my vest?!"

kevin rolled his eyes and handed nick his vest. nick took it and tried to put it on. "omg!! it doesnt fit!!"

emma sighed and took the vest from him. she looked at the label inside,"sweetie, this is brians." she switched with brian and nick put his vest on. "how do i look? is my hair okay? should i put on a hat?"

emma sighed and held his face in her hands,"you look perfect nicky. now calm down."

he nodded and tunred his head to kiss each of her hands. they hung out a little while longer before security came over to take the girls to their seats. amanda looked at emmas camera as she took her seat,"em, weve got a perfect view. you dont need a zoom lense."

"i know, i just want to make sure my pics are perfect."

amanda rolled her eyes,"whatever."

"and ill make sure to get plenty of pics of aj for you. dont think i didnt catch you watching him during rehearsal,"emma said with a smirk.

amanda turned red and looked at her hands,"i dont know what your talking about."

faye and joann laughed,"we saw it too."

"oh shut up. all of you," amanda mumbled.

the girls laughed as the lights went down and the show started.

"okay, i want to make a toast..." kevin started.

the guys, their dancers, band, opening acts, and the girls were all in the large hotel suite they were staying in. they were celebrating how well the first show had gone.

everyone groaned and made faces. kevin rolled his eyes,"well im gonna talk anyways. i just wanted to congradulate everyone on how well the show went."

"omg...your done already?!"

"i could go on..."

everyone shot brian a look. "what? okay okay. sorry. kidding, jeez..."

nick smacked him in the back of his head,"great joke."

brian made a face and went to talk to joann. nick laughed and put his arm around emma. "what are you drinking?"

"soda. what about you?"

nick stared down into his champagne flute and hiccuped,"champagne."

she laughed,"oh dear, okay. just as long as...omg..."

nick looked up and hiccuped,"whats wrong?"

she shook her head and pointed. nick looked over to where she was pointing and started to smile,"aww their talking..."

"um...you did a really good job," amanda said to aj.

he looked up in surprise,"me?"

she nodded and he smiled,"thanks. im glad you enjoyed it. what was your fav part?"

she thought for a second,"either during ltl or noecc."

he smiled,"did you like the costumes? not many people seem to like the suits."

"i think they look better on you guys than on the hangers."

he laughed and set his glass down. he offered her his hand,"would you like to dance?"

she blushed,"im not really a very good dancer."

"its a slow song and ill help you...."

"um...okay..." she took his hand and he led her onto the dancefloor. they danced for a good four songs before they were interrupted.

emma tapped aj on the shoulder. he made a face and turned around,"yeah?"

"sorry to interrupt, but could you come help me with nick?" she asked pointing to nick who was sitting on the couch carrying on a conversation with a lamp.

both amanda and aj burst out laughing. "what is he doing?!"

emma sighed,"he had about five glasses of champagne and i now know the boy cant handle his alcohol."

aj laughed and went over to nick with the girls following,"hey frack. come on."

"huh? where we goin?"

"um...another party...upstairs..." aj said helping him to his feet.

"oh okay." he turned back to the lamp,"it was nice talking to you sir."

aj tried not to bust up again and held nicks arm to steady him. nick shook him off,"i can do it."

aj rolled his eyes,"fine."

nick headed towards the stairs and slammed right into the wall. "ow! damnit! move out of my way! it wasnt like you didnt see me coming!"

aj hurried over to him and led him up the stairs. nick glanced at him and patted him limply on the shoulder,"i love you bone."

aj smiled,"i love you too frack."

nick glanced over his shoulder and saw emma and amanda following them. "i love you too emma. even you mandy."

emma laughed,"i love you too sweetie."

amanda rolled her eyes,"yeah yeah, me too squeaker."

aj helped him to his room and sat him on the bed. nick grabbed his jacket and pulled him closer,"i gotta tell you something...."

aj nodded and nick looked around. he hiccuped before whispering,"i think you like amanda but shh...dont tell anyone..." he let go of ajs jacket and fell back on the bed almost instantly falling asleep.

aj blushed and went out into the hall,"hes all yours em. passed out on the bed."

emma sighed and said,"thanks aj. night guys," before going into the room to take care of nick.

amanda glanced at aj,"you okay?"

he nodded,"come on. lets go finish our dance." she nodded and he led her back down to the dancefloor.

{Chapter 9}