Chapter 6

“so how was your date? you got in kind of late last night,” aj said as they headed downstairs for the group meeting.

nick smiled slightly, “it was perfect. were going out again tonight.”

“and did she like my hat on you?”

“huh? um...yeah...she thought it was cute...” he said hoping aj couldnt tell he was lying.

aj smiled proudly and nick breathed a sigh of relief. they joined the other three guys as kevin was about to start the meeting.

“okay, first thing. weve got a couple of jobs open and we go on the road with aaron in two days. any suggestions?”

“what jobs?” brian asked.

“costume mistress, pr rep, and production assistant.”

“and weve got two days huh...? okay...”

emma came into the room and looked around. she burst out laughing at the deep looks on their faces. “im sorry, I was just checking to see if aaron in here.”

kevin smiled slightly, “jane helped him into the tv room.”

“oh okay, thanks. sorry to interrupt,” she said and walked out of the room.

“hey kev, are we done?” nick asked.

kevin rolled his eyes, “go ahead.”

nick smiled and left the room. he caught up to emma just before she went into the other room. “hey you,” he said grabbing her around the waist.

she smiled, “hey. your done with your meeting?”

he nodded, “do you mind if I sit in on your class?”

she smiled, “come on, its gonna be a short one.” they went ino the room and nick sat off to the side watching emma and how patient she was with his brother.

about a half hour later she finished and came over to him. he stood up and put his arm around her, “your really good with him.”

she smiled, “thanks.”

“you wanna go outside for a bit? we can sit in the gazebo.”

she nodded and they went out to the gazebo. emma sat down and nick laid down resting his head on her lap. she played with his hair, “so how was your meeting? it was really short.”

he nodded, “it was okay. weve got a couple of jobs we need filled before we start up again.”

“jeez...two days...”

“yeah, so I guess kev....wait a minute.” he sat up, “aarons touring with us.”

emma laughed, “yes sweetie, I know.”

“does that mean your coming too...?”

“I guess it does...”

nick smiled, “okay, that made my day.”

she laughed, “so what jobs do you have open?”

nick laid back down and told her. “hmm...”

“well...i think I know two people who could fill in two of those jobs.”

“really? who?”

“amanda and faye. faye would be perfect as costume mistress and I know she would love to do it and amanda as production assistant. I know thats something shes interested in.”

“and I know kev would love that.” he got up and pulled her to her feet, “ill go talk to the guys and you call the girls.”

she nodded and they went inside for her to call. about an hour later they got together for anoher meeting.

“okay, im not totally understanding. someone please explain,” faye said.

kevin explained the whole situation to them. “wow...i would get to tour with you...i mean all of you...”

“I would have to tour with him...” amanda said eyeing aj.

aj rolled his eyes and sat back in his chair. kevin laughed, “IF you say yes...”

“yes,” faye said.

kevin smiled and kissed her on the cheek. “amanda...?”

amanda sighed, “okay.”

aj tried to hide his smile and nodded. brian clapped his hands together, “two down, one to go.”

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