Chapter 5a

"so where are you planning on taking her?" aj asked as nick dug through his closet for something to wear.

"i was thinking maybe citywalk and the promenade. then maybe dancing." he held a shirt up to his chest and turned around to show aj.

aj shook his head and nick put the shirt back,"frack, i hate to burst your bubble but since shes from cali, shes probably been both places a couple of times."

nick pouted and made a face,"aw man. hmm...i wonder what kind of stuff she likes to do..."

"call her."

nick shook his head,"i cant. i want to surprise her. maybe if you call..."

aj shrugged and grabbed the phone. he called the girls apartment. nick pulled out another shirt and aj made a face,"that is the uglie....hello? amanda...? wait! dont hang up."

nick took the phone,"amanda?"

"ugh...what blondie?"

nick made a face,"i need your help~~"

"omg...stop whining and ill help you."

nick smiled,"good. i need to know emmas two favorite date type things."

"um...amusement parks and sunsets."

nick remembered how emma had kind of dazed off watching the sunset the day before,"k, thanks."

"anything else?"

"um...nope. thats it. thanks mandy."

"no problem blondie. bye," she said and hung up the phone.

nick hung up,"okay, the beach and i need an amusement park. not disney cause thats too busy."

"go ask bj and ill find something for you to wear."

nick nodded and went to bjs room, leaving aj to find an outfit for him.


"you guys~ help me~" emma whined.

"ugh! you sound just like that idiot your going on the date with."

faye laughed, "the sooner we help her pick an outfit the sooner she shuts up."

"jeans and a tshirt. problem solved."

emma looked at her like shes was crazy then turned to faye,"SO what should i wear?"

faye laughed,"well where is he taking you?"

she shrugged,"all he said was that i should dress comfortably."

"well lets see..." faye said going to the closet.

emma saw amanda out of the corner of her eye and turned around,"your not leaving. sit down."

amanda made a face,"but you dont need my help."

"no but i enjoying making and watching you suffer, now sit."

amanda pouted but sat down. faye turned around and handed emma some clothes,"put this on and we'll see."

emma took the clothes and went into the bathroom. amanda whose attention had been held for all of five seconds, got up and started to play with the stuff on emmas dresser.

faye gave her a look,"you know if you touch anything, she can tell."

amanda smirked and moved a few small things around. she quickly sat down when she heard emma coming back.

"okay, how does this look...?" she was wearing a pair of black capri pants and a tight black sleeveless shirt with a white chinese dragon printed on the front(like kev had on fanatic #2).

"perfect. put your hair in a ponytail and wear your white kswiss and your ready.

"k, thanks." she went over to her dresser to get her ring. "hey, who...amanda."

amandas jaw dropped,"me?! it could have been faye!"

"it could have but faye knows better than to touch my stuff."

amanda opened her mouth to respond when the doorbell rang. "ill get it," she mumbled and went to answer the door.

emma quickly finished getting ready and went to the living room with faye where nick and amanda were waiting. she smiled,"hi."

nick blushed and smiled,"hi. cute outfit."

she looked down at her outfit then glanced at him again and couldnt help but laugh. they were matching. he was wearing baggy black jeans, a white wifebeater, black button down shirt left open, and a black baseball hat backwards.

"are you ready to go..."

"yup. do i need a sweatshirt?"

he shook his head,"its pretty warm out."

"k, ill see you guys later." she took his hand and the two of them went out to the car.

{Chapter 5b} {All I Have To Give Home}