Chapter 2a

"hey jane?" brian asked as they cleared the table after dinner.

"yes brian?"

"seeing how you live in the mountains and all, is there a ski lodge near by?"

jane nodded,"we havent been though. aaron wants nick to take him."

"does he have a lesson tomorrow?"

jane nodded and started to load the dishwasher,"its fine with me if you guys want to take him but check with emma."

brian nodded and went down to the rec room where everyone was hanging out. he went over to emma who was trying to pry aaron off the video game she was playing with amanda.

"hey emma i have a favor to ask...."

emma gave up and let aaron have her controls. she turned to brian,"yeah?"

"i was wondering if maybe you could give aaron the day off tomorrow so we could take you guys skiing..."

"skiing? i cant ski to save my life but sure, aaron can have tomorrow off."

brian smiled and put his arm around her and whispered,"can i tell you a secret?"

she smiled and nodded. "i cant ski either."

she laughed,"then i guess we'll have to stay away from everyone else."

nick watched them from the other side of the room frowning. aj glanced at him and rolled his eyes,"nick i dont think you have to worry about b."

nick sighed,"but he obviously likes her and can talk to her."

aj restrained himself from smacking nick in the head,"frack, brian is friendly with EVERYONE he meets."

nick sighed,"i guess..."

"hey guy are you all up for skiing tomorrow? emma so graciously gave aaron the day off."

aaron whipped around from the game,"you did?!"

emma laughed slightly and nodded. aaron hugged her and ran upstairs to tell his mom. brian laughed,"so guys up for it?"

kevin, howie, and amanda shrugged and nodded. aj made a face,"i cant ski..."

emma smirked,"amanda can teach you."

amanda shot her a look but couldnt hide the fact that she was blushing. aj, a little surprised, blushed himself.

"aww how cute..." howie mumbled to kevin. kevin tried to hide a smile and elbowed him.

"oh hey, do you mind if i bring one more friend?" emma asked.

brian smiled and shook his head,"the more the merrier."

emma smiled,"thanks. come on amanda. we should go."

amanda nodded,"it was nice meeting you guys."

the guys smiled and waved as the girls left. nick walked over to brian,"hey, um...frack...can i ask you something...?"

brian nodded and nick took a deep breath,"do you like emma?"

"huh? no, shes a nice girl and all bu shes not my type."

"so its okay if i ask her out...or at least try to...?"

brian smiled and nodded,"go for it. but i know how you get so if you need help...ask."

nick blushed and smiled,"thanks."

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