“so amanda, what are you gonna wear tonight?” joann asked.

the girls were taking their couple hours off to find outfits to wear to brians party later that night.

“huh? oh, a sweater and jeans.”

the three other girls looked at her like she was crazy. “what? why are you looking at me like that?”

faye grabbed her arm and pulled her into the nearest store, windsor, “you wearing a dress and dont say a word cause those two arent gonna defend you.”

amandas jaw dropped and she looked at the other two who smiled sweetly and shook their heads. she mumbled under her breath and allowed faye to drag her around the store.

“emma are you ready yet?!”

emma rolled her eyes, “nick, the more you yell at me, the longer I take to get ready.”

nick pouted and went to bug the other four guys. emma turned back to amanda and smiled, “you really do look nice ya know.”

amanda made a face. the girls had somehow convinced/conned her into getting a leopard print velvet dress with black platforms, “yeah and when I fall on my face tonight your gonna be there to help me right?”

“nope, thats ajs job.” she glanced in the mirror one last time, “okay, lets go.”

the two girls left the room and went downstairs. emma glanced at nick sitting on the couch pouting. “awww..whats wrong nick?”

he looked up, “the gu...whoa...”

amanda rolled her eyes and went to see if faye and joann were ready. emma smiled and spun around, “do you like my outfit?”

she had chosen a zebra print skirt with pink trim and a black halter top with “princess” written in pink writing on it and her black platform boots.

“uh huh.” he got up and kissed her on the cheek.

she laughed, “thank you. you look good too.”

he was wearing a black pinstripe suit with a green button down shirt and his hair slicked back. he smiled, “thanks.”

“so where are the other guys?”

he pouted again, “in the hall. they yelled at me and said they would rather wait out there than listen to ‘my incessant whining’.”

emma rolled her eyes, “let me guess...kevin?” he nodded and she kissed him on the cheek, “well if its any consolation ill listen to your whining anytime.”

he smiled and put his arm around her, “yeah...its consolation.”

the other three girls finally came out of the room and nicks jaw dropped, “whoa...you guys look nice.” he noticed amanda for the first time and smirked, “haha...mandys wearing a dress~~” emma elbowed him and he smiled sweetly.

amanda glared at him and faye laughed, “is everyone ready?” she was wearing a short dark blue spaghetti strap dress with sliver flowers all over it and blue and silver platforms.

emma nodded, “their all in the hall.” she glanced at joann who was nervously twisting her silver bracelet around her wrist. “calm down. you look good and im sure brian will tell you so.”

she nodded, “im trying....”

kevin opened the door and poked his head in, “nick, are the...whoa...hi ladies.”

they laughed and nick rolled his eyes. “hi kev, you look good,” faye said going over and giving him a hug. he had on dark blue leather pants, a black wifebeater, and a dark blue sheer sweater.

he smiled and kissed her on the cheek, “so do you. everyone ready to go?”

they nodded and went out into the hall. ajs jaw dropped when he saw amanda and she turned red when she saw him. he had on leather pants that laced up the side and leopard print shirt with his hair dyed red and his goatee shaved completely off.

he went over to her and handed her a rose, “you look really good.”

she blushed, “thank you. so do you.”

emma glanced over her shoulder happy to see that joann was smiling and brian had his arm around her.

they made sure everyone was ready and finally left for the party.

“so did you have fun?” emma asked amanda. they were the first two up and were down in the sitting room of the suite eating breakfast.

she blushed, “actually, I did. hes really a nice guy.”

“so does that mean you guys are gonna go out?”

amanda tried not to smile and nodded. emma jumped up and hugged her friend. “whats going on?” joann asked coming downstairs with faye.

emma told them and they took turns hugging amanda. faye sat down and picked up the newspaper. she handed it to amanda who usually read it first but amanda shook her head, “I didnt put my eyes in yet so go ahead.”

faye nodded and opened the paper. “so what about you and brian?” amanda asked joann.

she smiled, “we have a date tonight.”

“yay~~” emma said between yawns.

“hey! were in this article!”

the three girls looked at faye in shock, “what...?”

“its an article about brians party.” she read the article to them. the writer had mentioned the girls a couple of times and had commented on how well everyone had been dressed.

the girls burst out laughing, “omg! they thought we dressed better than the boys!” joann said.

amanda laughed, “cause we were...we looked damn good if I do say so myself.”

emma laughed, “just make sure aj and kevin dont see that.”

“see what?” nick asked coming into the room.

“morning nick. just an article,”faye said.

“oh...morning.” he rubbed his eyes and sat down next to emma. he kissed her on the cheek and put his arms around her, “morning.” he eyed her apple and cinnamon muffin, “can I have some of that?”

“hmm? oh yeah, you can have the rest,” she said pushing the plate towards him.

he kissed her on the cheek, “thanks.”

amanda rolled her eyes, “ANYWAYS...you guys, we have a couple of days off. lets do something.”

“well where are we gonna be?” faye asked.

“seattle,” joann said

“what dont we go back to cali?” nick asked, his words muffled by the mouthful of muffin.

“...what...?” joann asked.

emma put her hand over his mouth, “he said go to cali. sweetie, that would be nice but to make an extra trip...”

he shook his head and moved her hand from over his mouth, “my mom has to fly back home anyways so we could just go with her.”

“you know blondie...thats actually not a bad idea.”

nick stuck his tongue out at her, “thank you mandy.”

faye laughed, “we’ll talk it about it with everyone later.” she glanced at the clock, “right now we need to wake them up. interview in an hour.”

nick grinned evilly, “ill do it.” he got up and left the room. a few minutes later they heard brian shout.

joann laughed, “...this is gonna be a long day.”

{Chapter 11}