Chapter 5

"so do you think he'll actually call?" ria asked sitting down on asia's bed.

asia shrugged,"i dunno. i mean, he sounded genuine but who knows, it could have just as easily been a line."

"are you gonna call him?"

asia shook her head,"at least not until im sure he doesnt mind. i dont want to seem like obsessive teenybopper stalker fan."

ria nodded,"makes sense."

asia nodded and smirked,"so how was your dance with mr. mclean?"

ria blushed,"just fine thank you."

"did he ask you for your number?"

ria smirked,"i dont see how thats any of YOUR business."



asia pouted,"brat."

ria rolled her eyes,"but YOUR the mature older one."

"i am," asia said sticking her tongue out at ria.

the phone ran and asia glanced at ria,"expecting a call?"

"not me. people know better than to call me at 2 am."

asia answered the phone,"hello?"

"is asia there...?"

asia glanced at ria and shrugged,"speaking."

"...this is nick..."

"oh hey, are you okay?"

"i really need to talk to you. do you think you guys could come back up here....?"

"sure. give me about a half hour okay?"

"yeah, thanks."

"no problem. ill see you in a bit."

"okay, bye."

"bye," asia said and hung up.

"what happened?" ria asked.

"i dont know but he sounds upset. i told him i would go back there though."

ria nodded and stood up,"well im not sending you up there by yourself."

asia smirked and stood up,"sure, i mean the possibility of seeing aj again has nothing to do with anything at all."

ria blushed and grabbed her keys,"shut up and lets go."

Chapter 6