Chapter 4

nick sat out on the balcony just looking out over the city until the party let up about a half hour later and everyone went home.

leighanne went out to where he was and sat next to him,"hey nick, you okay?"

nick looked over at her and nodded,"yeah, i was just thinking about some stuff. whats up?"

"nothing. i just came to tell you that everyone is gone if you want to come back in now."

"oh okay, thanks." he stood up, helped her to her feet and went inside. he looked around. brian and aj were moving one of the couches back, kevin was looking for something in the kitchen, and howie was picking up random items on the floor(only howie).

"hey you guys, if you dont mind. i think im gonna crash okay?"

they all nodded and he headed upstairs to his and mandys room. he glanced at the bed and sighed. after aj had told him to go check on her he had found her working on her fourth drink, on her way to her fifth. he had brought her up to the room and put her in bed, hoping she would sleep it off which she seemed to be doing.

he went into the bathroom and changed into a pair of sweats and went back out to the bedroom. he sat down on the floor and turned on his playstation, hoping it would take his mind off of somethings.

nick played for about a half hour, losing every single game. as he was about to start over, a thought flashed in his mind. he dropped the remote and went over to mandy still asleep in the bed.

he gently shook her awake,"mandy...mandy wake up. i need to talk to you, wake up."

mandy groaned and rolled over to face him,"what nicky?"

he made a face but gently sat her up,"i need you to kiss me."

she raised an eyebrow on her still half closed eyes,"huh?"

"kiss me."

"what for?"

"just kiss me."

she shrugged and wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him. nick closed his eyes and slowly felt himself falling into the kiss. he ran his hands down her back feeling her long hair brush is fingertips.

after a few moments mandy broke away and rested her mouth beside his ear,"what was that about?"

nicks eyes shot open,"omg..." he mumbled to himself. he gently pushed her away,"i...ill be right back..." he quickly got up and rushed out of the room.

mandy turned red,"what the hell is wrong with him...."

nick rushed down the stairs to ajs room and pounded on the door,"bone, let me in. i need to talk to you. come on open the door."

aj yanked the door open,"what the hell are you banging on my door for...jeez..."

"i need to talk to you."

aj glanced at him and let him into the room,"whats wrong? are you okay?"

"i dont know...i have to tell you something but you have to swear you wont repeat this."


"i went upstairs and i decided to play some video games for a bit to get my mind off of some things."

"asia," aj interrupted.

nick blushed,"anyways, i was playing and i had this thought so i went and woke mandy up and asked her to kiss me."

aj made a face,"okay...continue..."

"aj i asked her to kiss me and when she did i closed my eyes. i could feel everything in that kiss and she was making me feel different than any other time we'd kissed. then she whispered in my ear and i realized what had happened."


nick sighed and looked at him,"i had been wishing i was kissing asia."

Chapter 5