Chapter 3

after the concert ended asia and ria headed to the guys hotel.

"are you sure you want to go?" ria asked.

asia nodded,"it may be fun and who knows who we'll see there."

ria nodded,"okay, if your sure."

she pulled up to the hotel and the two of them went inside. they pushed through the crowd of girls to the security guard standing in front of the elevator.

"do you have a key card?"

", we have this..." asia said handing him the piece of paper.

he read it over and handed it back to her,"okay go ahead."

"thank you." the two of them got in the elevator and pressed the button for the top floor.

"omg, he was big...." asia said.

"didnt scare me."

she rolled her eyes,"of course not, nothing scares you except aj humping the floor."

ria blushed,"shut up."

asia smiled proudly and stuck the piece of paper in her bag. the doors to the elevator opened and they stepped out and directly into the party. (penthouse suite...elevator opens directly into it.)


a waiter approached them with a tray covered in champagne glasses,"ladies..."

"thanks," ria said reaching for one.

"yeah, in another year. no thank you," asia said pushing her down the stairs towards the living room.

"hey! since when did you become my mother?"

"since im two months older."

"i guess i didnt ask for a GOOD excuse did i..."

asia glared at her and she smiled innocently.

"hi ladies."

both girls turned around to see brian and leighanne standing behind them,"hi."

brian smiled,"this is my wife leighanne. leighanne this is asia and...oh...i dont know your friends name."

asia couldnt help but smiled at the way brian said "wife","this is my friend ria."

leighanne smiled,"nice to meet you two. did you enjoy the show?"

asia nodded,"very much."

she laughed,"did brian behave while you were on stage with him?"

she smiled,"yes, he was a perfect gentleman."

brian smiled proudly and leighanne kissed him on the cheek.

ria couldnt help but smile at how cute they were.

"...hey frick..."

"hey nick. nick this is asia and ria. girls, this is nick."

asia smiled,"nice to meet you."

"hey squeaker."

nick raised an eyebrow,"scuse me?"

"what squeaker?"

nick started to pout and asia elbowed ria,"apologize."

"what for?"

she rolled her eyes,"for being rude!"

"but i wa--"


she made a face,"fine, im sorry squeaker."

asia shook her head,"its hopeless."

leighanne laughed,"now you know what i go through every day dealing with frick and frack."

"hey..."brian said pouting.

she smiled and kissed him on the cheek,"but i still love him."

brian smiled proudly and excused the two of them.

" you guys like the show...?" nick asked.

before either of them had a chance to answer they were interrupted by aj,"dude, you better tend to mandy. shes pretty drunk, hello ladies."

ria rolled her eyes and asia smiled,"hi."

"anyways nick, shes over at the bar."

nick sighed,"excuse me you guys." he handed aj his drink and went over to the bar to deal with mandy.

"so ladies, what brings you to our little party?"

"brian invited us," asia said.

"well welcome. would either one of you like to dance?"

asia gently pushed ria forward and smiled innocently.

rias jaw dropped,"hey!!"

aj smiled, took her hand, and pulled her over to where everyone else was dancing.

asia smiled and waved as ria silently glared at her. she wandered over to the sliding glass balcony doors and stared at all the city lights below the hotel.


asia turned around and smiled,"hey."

"did you want to go out there?" he asked gesturing to the balcony.

" kinda scared of heights so..."

he managed to smile,"i promise you wont regret it."

" i can i say no to that face..."

he blushed and opened the door for her. she smiled,"thank you."

he nodded and followed her out,"...what do you think...?"


he smiled and pulled two chairs over to where she was standing. she smiled and sat down,"thanks."

he nodded and sat down beside her,"so you enjoyed the show...?"

she nodded and glanced at him,"you sound nervous...are you okay?"

he nodded,"pretty girls intimidate me." he blushed red and looked down,"and that was a TOTAL line, im sorry."

asia laughed slightly,"its okay, that was actually very much a compliment. thank you."

he managed to smile,"your welcome."

she nodded,"so did you get everything fixed with your girlfriend? is she alright?"

nick sighed and nodded,"yeah, shes okay."

"thats good. so how long are you guys in town for?"

"just today and tomorrow...we leave day after tomorrow."

asia nodded,"whats it like? i mean touring all the time, all over the world."

nick sighed,"i dunno how to describe it...i mean its fun. i love what i do, i love touring, i love meeting the fans and seeing all the different countries but at the same time, i would love to just sit at home for a good month and just hang out. go to the movies, go to the beach, go to the arcade without being chased or approached. THATS the part i miss the most."

"wow...i didnt realize it was so hard. im sorry."

he managed to smile,"its okay but when i get to meet nice people like you, it makes up for it."

she blushed slightly,"thanks."

"hey aj are you ready to go?" ria said sticking her head outside.

asia jumped slightly,"jeez...yeah, i guess."

she stood up with nick,"it was really nice meeting you."

" you think...maybe we could exchange numbers...? i mean...just to like talk on the road and stuff....?"

she smiled,"sure. that would be nice." she an envelope out of her bag and tore it in half. she handed one half to nick while she filled out her half. she handed him the paper,"you can call whenever you need to talk okay?"

he smiled and handed her his piece of paper,"you too."

she smiled and kissed him on the cheek,"bye."

nick blushed and smiled,"bye."

ria rolled her eyes, grabbed her hand and pulled her back inside and towards the elevators.

aj watched the two of them as he joined nick out on the patio,"whats with the cheesy smile?"


"that look on your face. i mean, the girl i THOUGHT you had a crush on just left and your standing here grinning like an idiot."

nick glanced at his friend and smiled,"because i know this wont be the last time i see her."

Chapter 4