Chapter 2

"excuse me..."

asia looked up to see the same security guard from earlier,"yes?"

"i need you and your friend to come with me please."

"um...okay," she wasnt about to argue with this man. she glanced at ria, who shrugged, and picked up her bag.

they both got up and followed him backstage to where daisy was standing with four other girls.

daisy looked up and smiled,"hey."

"hey, whats going on?" asia asked.

"well we had a drawing for all the radio contest winners to be serenaded by the guys. which one of you has the number 113 on your ticket?"

they both glanced at their tickets,"oh...its mine..." ria said.

"okay, well i need you to come with me. your friend can stay and watch from he--"

"no wait, i dont want to go up on stage. asia take my ticket."

asia looked at her friend like she was crazy,"what? no, you go."

ria shook her head,"i dont want to be up there in front of thousands of people. NO WAY."

"are you sure....?"

ria nodded.

asia smiled and hugged her,"thanks."

she smiled,"your welcome. have fun."

"okay, well now i need YOU to follow me and your friend can stay here and watch from here. we'll have her back in about 10 minutes or so."

ria nodded and waved to asia as she followed daisy to the side of the stage.

daisy glanced up at the stage then turned to the girls,"okay, as soon as they finish this song, the stage will go dark and the guys will come back here. each of them is gonna grab one of your hands and take you up on to the stage. THEY will choose which girl theyre gonna take so please dont fight to get your favorite. all you need to make sure you do is NOT scream and NOT faint."

asia laughed while the rest of the girls nodded seriously.

about a minute later the stage went dark and the guys rushed backstage. brian spotted asia and went over to her," right...?"

she smiled and nodded,"you remembered."

he smiled,"you gave me a teddy bear," he said offering her his arm.

she smiled and took his arm,"what a gentleman, no wonder leighanne is so in love with you."

he smiled proudly and led her out onto the stage.


"so how was it?" ria asked as they went back to their seats after the performance.

asia smiled,"it was nice. brian kept trying to make me laugh."

"awww, hes a dork."

she laughed,"yeah but a cute dork."

"excuse me girls."

both girls turned around to see daisy standing behind them.

"oh hey, did i like forget something backstage or something?" asia asked.

she shook her head and handed her a piece of paper,"brian wanted me to you give you this."

"oh...okay thanks."

she nodded and rushed backstage.

asia unfolded the piece of paper and glanced at ria,"....this is the name of the hotel theyre staying at...i think this is for the after party..."


"did you give it to her?" nick asked as they hurried to change their costumes.

brian rolled his eyes,"i gave it to daze to give to her. dude...whats so important about that piece of paper?"

"nothing...its just...i dunno..."

brian stopped and his eyes widened," like her...."


brian lowered his voice,"sorry, i forgot mandy is always around but its true isnt it...."

"i dunno...i think so..."

"so what was on that piece of paper?"

"the hotel and room number where were having our after party."

brian adjusted his mic and they headed back out onto the stage,"mandy is SO going to kill you if she finds out you did that..."

nick shrugged,"she wont unless YOU tell her..."

"me? hell, i dont talk to that girl."


"but nick, why is this so important? you're like majorly stressing over this."

nick looked around to make sure mandy was no where in sight,"like i said, i dont know. the only thing i know is that i have to see her again."

Chapter 3