Chapter 1

"im hungry~~~ i want to sit down~~~ i need a drink~~~" ria whined.

asia rolled her eyes,"shut up you dork."

"im not~~~~"

"oh good lord someone shoot me please..."

"ask that security guard over there. he has a gun."

asia looked over to where she was pointing and walked over to the guard,"excuse me..."

rias eyes widened,"i was only kidding!!"

asia rolled her eyes and handed the guard the two meet and greet passes,"can you possibly tell us which direction were supposed to go...?"

"sure, just go down this hallway and its the second door on the left."


"no problem," he said handing her the passes.

"im still hungry~~~ i still want to sit down~~~ i STILL need a drink~~~"

asia rolled her eyes, grabbed her hand, and dragged her down the hall. she found the room and peeked in. there were about 15 other girls standing around wearing similar passes around their necks.

ria made a face as they walked in,"where are their clothes?"

"i bet their mothers asked them the exact same thing," asia said.

they sat down on one of the couches by the door,"how long is this going to be?"

asia shrugged,"i guess until they get through the crowd. i mean, they only have an hour so im sure it wont take THAT long. plus were late so they should start soon."

"and WHY are we late?"

"car trouble."

ria rolled her eyes,"of course. not because you couldnt find an outfit or anything like that."

"i have no idea what your talking about."

"of course not."

a few minutes passed before a woman walked into the room. she introduced herself as daisy, the guys tour manager and told the girls that the guys would be in shortly to start the signing. suddenly there was a mad rush of girls all fighting to be the first in line.

ria and asia rolled their eyes and got in at the end of the line.

"were we supposed to bring something for them to sign?" ria asked.

asia shrugged,"i have no idea. if we were, just get them to sign our passes again. they arent ruining my new shirt."

the door opened again, this time it was daisy and she was followed by the five guys. the sound in the room went up about five decibels as the girls started to scream. the guys just laughed as they sat down behind the table.

"omg and we still have to sit through the concert,"ria mumbled wincing.

asia laughed,"lets just hope we arent near ANY of these girls."

the line move rather quickly because the guys wanted to make sure they got through to everyone before they had to leave. as asia and ria approached the table they were handed an 8x10 black and white picture of the guys as well as a promo cd.

asia smiled,"thanks. i didnt know if we were supposed to bring our own stuff to get signed." "no, its usually only the over excited fans that do that," daisy said laughing.

"go aj," ria said pushing her friend forward.

asia made a face and set the 8x10 on the table,"dont CALL me that you freak."

aj pulled the picture towards himself and started to sign it,"whats wrong with the name aj?"

asia made a face,"its fine for you but i hate it for me."

ria rolled her eyes,"drama~~"

aj laughed,"well whats your REAL name?"


he smiled and passed the picture down,"yeah, i like asia on you more myself."

asia smiled,"thank you." she stuck her tongue out at ria,"so there."

ria rolled her eyes,"but IM the big baby...."

aj smiled and signed her pic,"and you are...?"


he nodded and passed the picture down,"enjoy the show," he said adding a wink.

ria rolled her eyes and moved down.

by now asia was almost to the end. she stood in front of brian as he signed her picture. "oh! i have something for you," she said. she pulled a small stuffed teddy bear out of her bag and handed it to him.

brians eyes lit up,"wow! thanks." he stood up and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

she smiled and moved down to nick,"...hi..."

he looked up and smiled,"hi. whats your name?"


he nodded and started to sign the picture,"i like that. its different."

"yeah, well my parents were...different..."

he laughed,"well thats good...i mean you could have ended up with something boring like amy or amanda."

"excuse me...."

nick rolled his eyes at the voice behind him,"sorry mandy." he handed asia the picture and smiled,"enjoy the show."

she smiled,"thanks."

she waited for ria to finish getting her stuff signed before the two of them left to find their seats.

the guys got up and headed back to their dressing rooms to finish getting ready.

"nickolas...wait a minute."

nick rolled his eyes,"what NOW mandy?"

"what do you mean 'something boring like amy or amanda'? what the hell is wrong with my name?"

"mandy, i was just making small talk. calm down."

"it seems like you were flirting with her."

"anytime i talk to a girl it seems that way to you. mandy, shes a fan. she won some passes to meet us, i wasnt going to be rude to her. you can do that if you want but not me," he said going into his dressing room.

"dont get snappy with me nickolas."

"then dont get bitchy with me mandy," he said shutting the door.

mandys jaw dropped and she stormed off.

nick sighed and finished putting the rest of his costume on before joining the other guys in the hall,"hey frick...."

brian looked up,"hey, whats up? wheres mandy?"

he shrugged,"she had a tantrum and stormed off."

"oh dear...let me go talk to her," leighanne said walking away, the two dogs at her feet.

"so whats wrong frack? you have this weird look in your eyes."

"do i?"

brian nodded,"yeah...its almost like theyre glowing."

nick shrugged,"i dunno...but i have a feeling...something is going to happen tonight."

"good or bad?"

nick shrugged,"both. either way...someone is going to end up hurt."

Chapter 2